Style & Design"Fashion passes, style remains" (Coco Chanel)

A style matter

The main feature of today's world is the speed at which small collections are designed and launched on the market. Disposable “Fast Fashion” doesn't fit into our style.

Olivetta on the table

Olivetta on the table

A unique design

The "Olivetta" style aims to be remembered forever. An everlasting elegant oil jug, which combines the simplicity of terracotta with the refinement of design. Already used by the ancient Romans to preserve seasonal products (including oil) for as long as possible, terracotta is a thermal insulator, so it is excellent for preserving the freshness of this wonderful juice, keeping its flavour and fragrance unchanged. The ambitious project to transform this rounded tool, which has always been used by our farmers, into an element with a strong contemporary flavour, while maintaining its roots, gives us the awareness of being able to create relationships between people and objects. Between past and future. Between tradition and evolution. Because objects can tell a story. Reveal ideas and creativity of a made in Italy that represents us in the world. The artistic connotation and the idea of merging design and ancient techniques, makes the Olivetta an exclusive crock.

Olivetta Wedding Pack light

The Olivetta packaging design can be used to illuminate a corner of your home with class*

[*The creative reuse of the package is only a recommendation from the farm to support eco-sustainability'. It is recommended LED light and low voltage current. Keep out of reach of children. The farm has no liability for any damage to things/people.]

Olivetta, vincitore Wedding Awards 2019

Olivetta, vincitore Wedding Awards 2020

Zankyou International Wedding Awards Bomboniere matrimonio 2020

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