MissionGive “A Dream Made in Puglia”

In the attempt to recover the forms of local craftsmanship, Olivetta aims to renew Apulian traditions and make them accessible to a wide audience. 

Our project was born from the rediscovery of ancient terracotta utensils and the deep passion for everything that has been handed down to us by our ancestors. 

We live in the wake of the past and instead of trading it for something modern, we have chosen to carry on the tradition by trying to reserve it a place between the latest trends in taste and fashion.

Only in this way were we able to discover how craftsmanship in still a value and that slow and imperfect work done only with the hands is an asset recognized as precious and invaluable.

Olivetta and Castel del Monte

Olivetta and Castel del Monte


From this awareness, Olivetta was born in 2012, a jar designed and realised to be a new wedding favour proposal.

And from that moment on, our goal has become to combine the values of the rural culture of Puglia with weddings which over time have moved away from the sumptuous style to find a more intimate and spontaneous dimension.

Olivetta e la Cattedrale di Trani

Olivetta and Cathedral of Trani


With Olivetta we tell Puglia between art, culture, traditions, and food and wine. Each of the proposed collections is a symbol of the region, born from a research work undertaken on our past.

 “A dream made in Puglia”. This is how we define the wedding favours we make today, because an object was born from our most intimate and personal suggestions that embodies all the beauty and goodness of Puglia.

The scent of the oil, the rustling of the olive fronds, the delicacy of the terracotta, the sea breeze, the rough stone of the trulli.

Those who choose Olivetta discover, live and love Puglia.

Discover the Olivetta collections

Olivetta De Lux

Olivetta De Lux

Olivetta Elisir

Olivetta Elisir

Olivetta Classic

Olivetta Classic

Olivetta Serena

Olivetta Serena

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