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Olivetta is a handcrafted jar made by the masters in the art of working the terracotta. A product made in Apuglia whose origins come from the past. The handcrafting production creates unique pieces with a retro-style touch, attributing them elegance and refinement.

Olivetta Nature


The dress sewn to measure for a jar that wants to remember its origins coming from the earth. The purple fading to the green, typical of the Coratina monocultivar olive highlights its sinuous profile.

White Olivetta


Tradition, return to origins, simplicity. For brides looking for an object that represents them with simplicity. The timeless refinement of the white colour.

Cream Olivetta


Delicious as whipped cream. Soft, sweet, immaculate. The reassuring colour of the clouds, warm as wool balls.

Green Olivetta


The colour of nature that awakens. Of meadows, sprouts and spring. For every "open air" respectful wedding.

Emerald Green Olivetta

Emerald green

Emerald is often used in engagement rings, as it conveys strong and loving vibrations. So, even the emerald green colour, communicates change. Among the shades of green is the brightest and most precious.

Yellow Olivetta


Happiness, energy and warmth. All the brightness of a splash of sunlight, which will bring joy to an informal event.

Orange Olivetta


The warm colour of the Apulian sunsets. Also perfect for an Eastern-style wedding, where the orange colour is considered auspicious.

Red Olivetta


The emotional sphere of the soul finds in red all its thousand variations. Passion, pride, love and royalty. But also the symbol of Natale par excellence.

Bordeaux Olivetta


It calls to mind the colours of autumn and the taste of wine. The nuance that most of all embodies the warmth and the refinement.

Greyish azure Olivetta

Greyish azure

It evokes the light blue of the clear sky. It takes its name from the colour of the papers used in the past to wrap the most precious goods: such as sugar, or our precious extra virgin olive oil.

Blue Olivetta


Blue has always inspired poets and painters. Immediate is the reference to the expanse of water that delimits the land of Apulia, evoking calm and serenity. The ideal memory for receptions by the sea.

Dove-grey Olivetta


Often combined with the white in the shabby chic style, the dove-grey colour means family union and conjugal love. A very elegant and romantic nuance.

Pink Olivetta


Pink masters the world of wedding. From retro to bohemian style, from Parisian to shabby one, it is the great classic that will give sophistication to your events.

Olivetta is a registered trademark ®. Shape and nuanced colouring are patented and owned by the company, any plagiarism or reproductions by unauthorized third parties will be prosecuted according to law.

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