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Olivetta has enriched its extra virgin olive oil with Mediterranean herbs and scents. A selection of chilli, orange, lemon e basil-flavoured oils enclosed in the elegant 100 and 250 ml Olivetta earthenware. The Olivetta Elisir is designed to delight the sense of your guests in a unique way.

Personalise your wedding favour by choosing from the seven colours and one of our flavoured oils. Weave the fantasy… Your guests will think about your special day every time they use it.

Olivetta Elisir Light blue

Light blue

Light blue is the colour of the blue sky of Puglia. It represents the beautiful days that follow one another, almost uninterrupted, in our region from Spring to early Autumn. It is a delicate colour, with incredibly soft shades, capable of transmitting a sense of calmness.

Olivetta Elisir Red


In Puglia red is the symbol of the genuine products that the Earth gives us in Summer. Cherries, tomatoes, pomegranates, and grapes. The juiciest and softest fruits abound in our countryside and are always at hand in homes. This colour refers to the most carnal and passionate feelings and emotions, to love above all.

Olivetta Elisir Green


Green is the colour of our olive trees. Expanses that spread as far as the eye can see in every corner of Puglia, a symbol of the region that also flies on the flag. The leaves and the olives are green, which as soon as they mature are transformed into precious extra virgin olive oil. It is a colour in balance with the warm and cold ones, a symbol of hope, renewal and fertility.

Olivetta Elisir Orange


Orange is a colour that brings us back to the image of citrus fruits. In Puglia, however, there is another equally strong and beautiful image to associate with this colour: sunsets. Whether you are by the sea or on the shy Apulian hills, the sunset always gives us the most beautiful shades of orange that can be found in nature. It is no coincidence that it is a colour associated with serenity, vitality, and also the sphere of sensuality.

Olivetta Elisir Blue


It is very simple to think about what blue represents. It is the colour of the sea that surrounds Puglia with its 940 km of coastline. Wherever you are, the sea is always reachable, a place for recreation, a landing and departure point for the discovery of new lands. Blue is a soothing colour, linked to the dimension of serenity and tranquillity.

Olivetta Elisir Yellow


In a region with always clear weather, yellow represents the sun, especially the summer one. In reality, we can also associate with this colour the wheat fields that in Spring can be admired on the Murgia and in the Tavoliere delle Puglie. Yellow is the symbol of positivity, lightness, and happiness.

Olivetta Elisir Purple


Purple is the colour of the must and its pungent and slightly sour smell that every year, at the beginning of Autumn, spreads through the streets and heralds the arrival of the Novello wine. Purple is the colour of spirituality, fantasy, and magic.

We recommend a few drops raw before serving the dishes, to enhance the flavour.

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