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Soft colours, fabrics, rough brushstrokes, material details are the characteristics of the new Olivetta Boho Chic collection to contain, with a design entirely inspired by the bohemian style, the precious scents of extra virgin olive oil.

Olivetta has a dream: to create handmade gastronomic wedding favours for you, true expressions of love and tradition, always in step with the times. The new Boho Chic collection feeds precisely on this: it is a hymn to the simple elegance and extravagant charm that characterise the boho style.

We have transformed the iconic Olivetta into an object of design and taste. These jars, available in six different shades, and 100 and 250 ml, represent the fusion between the rich and rural character of Puglia and the boho chic style.

The new brilliant colours – black, gold, bronze, burgundy, green and biscuit – are a tribute to the lush nature of our beloved Puglia. They evoke the splendid sunny days, the breathtaking sunsets and the deep connection with the earth that characterise our region. These colours are also a tribute to love, a feeling that, like our collection, is passionate, multifaceted, and vibrant.

Soon you will recognise the refined shades, obtained from the manual mixing of various colours and, above all, the material brushstrokes for an almost three-dimensional effect that best represents the rustic, simple, but incredibly elegant personality of this new Olivetta Collection.

Olivetta Bronze


Bronze represents the strength of matter, expressed uniquely in the boho style, but it is also a colour that evokes the solidity and resistance of local traditions. Like the ancient art of master ceramists who have worked this land for generations, the bronze of the Boho Chic collection represents the dedication and longevity, in the bohemian context.

Olivetta Gold


Gold is the colour of brightness and abundance: in our collection, it reflects the generosity of Puglia in perfect harmony with the boho spirit. Like the golden fields that embellish the Murgia views during the summer, this colour adds a note of luxury and splendour to our collection.

Olivetta Black


In our Boho Chic collection, black is a hymn to the elegance of mystery, a reference to bohemian charm. As the starry night envelops Puglia, this black embodies the intrigue and the mysterious aura of the boho style: it is the perfect colour for those who want a wedding with a Dark Boho style or simply for those who have a wedding with chic details in mind.

Olivetta Burgundy


The burgundy is the colour of warmth, love, and passion, even in the bohemian world. Like the embracing scent of the Apulian vineyards during autumn, this shade evokes deep emotions: it is the ideal colour for those who want to celebrate a passionate and lasting love in a bohemian style.

Olivetta Green


Green represents the rebirth and hoe – key elements in the boho, nature-inspired lifestyle. This colour is reminiscent of the lush Apulian countryside and its olive grove: like the leaves that regenerate every spring, this shade symbolises renewal and fertility. It is perfect for those who want to start a new chapter of their married life with optimism and vitality, celebrating it with the boho chic philosophy.

Olivetta Biscuit


Biscuit is the embodiment of neutral, delicate elegance and sophisticated simplicity: it is the colour of versatility, able to adapt gracefully to any environment and occasion. Like the golden sand of the Apulian beaches, this shade conveys a sense of calm and refinement typical of the boho style. It is the ideal colour for those looking for a touch of sobriety and elegance, without giving up the bohemian aesthetic.

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