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What is the symbology of wedding?

Written by Olivetta

Read the article and discover the story of wedding rings, sugar almonds and wedding favours. Indispensable elements in every wedding


If you are planning your wedding, it is important to take the time to choose the elements that best represent the couple. This way, you can create a truly meaningful and authentic ceremony that reflects your and your partner’s personality.

Wedding music: how to choose the perfect soundtrack

Written by Olivetta

Olivetta meets Valerio Di Zanni, known as Deeza – Co-Founder of the 50mila eventi agency- who will explain with certainty how to choose the most suitable music for your wedding.


Music has a significative role on a wedding day: it completes the magical and special atmosphere of that day and gives an identity to the event, which also reflects that of the spouses.

The choice of music, therefore, is important in organising the wedding.

So, how to manage to calibrate sounds with genres and moments? Keep reading…

Guide to choosing wedding invitations

Written by Olivetta

Read our interview with the Inviti Chic company

A wedding is not limited only to the organisation of the ceremony or party. All that goes on before the big day is just as important as organising and getting ready for the event.

Organising the set-up of the flowers, choosing the theme of the wedding, deciding who will be the protagonists, together with you, of the event, choosing and sending the invitations and announcements to your loved ones.

Floral trends and tips for 2023 weddings

Written by Olivetta

Olivetta meets the flower designer Feliciano Cozzoli to suggest to the spouses how to choose the flowers for their wedding


Flowers represent the colourful note of every occasion: from the most informal to the most important.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to celebrate a wedding without flowers? The colour, the movement of an arrangement and the scent of fresh flowers certainly make the difference in an environment decorated for a party.

Have you already chosen the colours for your winter wedding?

Written by Olivetta

Here are our tips for choosing the right palette of colours for you and your wedding


Why choose a palette for your wedding?

When you start organising a wedding, there are many choices to face. Among these decisions, it’s up to the couple to choose a palette of colours with which to characterise the ceremony and the whole party.

Three ways (plus one) to package the Olivetta wedding favour

Written by Olivetta

A small guide for choosing the right packaging for Olivetta


What is the use of packing a wedding favour?

After having talked so much about wedding favour, has come to the moment to share with you an equally important and strongly intertwined insight into the theme of weddings: the packaging of wedding favour.

Get married at Christmas

Written by Olivetta

Pros and cons of a wedding celebrated during the Christmas holidays


The wedding is now an event celebrated all year round. After the limits and restrictions of the past few years, increased couples are deciding to get married in periods different to summer. In the warmer months, we continue to register the highest number of weddings, but the trend of the last year shows us that even getting married in the other months of the year is becoming a custom.

2023 Wedding trends

Written by Olivetta

Let’s discover together the new fashions dedicated to the spouses

Also this year, Olivetta tells you the news of the next wedding season


What was the style of weddings in 2022?

The 2022 wedding season has now come to its end, except for the most fearless and in love with the Christmas atmosphere who have chosen to get married in December.  

We operators in the sector, on the other hand, being to take care of the new fashions and trends of 2023 wedding. And we do it with this small guide created to guide the future couples of spouses in the choice of the style with which to organise their wedding.

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