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History and traditions of wedding favours

Written by Olivetta

When did the tradition of giving wedding favours begin? And how has it changed over times?


Wedding favours: a bit of history

Knowing the history of wedding favours means to discover the origins of a custom that, even now, is linked to the happiest moments in people’s lives. In fact, giving a wedding favour has always been synonymous with good wishes. But when did this tradition originate?

The word wedding favour has French origins and derives from the word bonbonnière and literally means a box of bonbons. In fact, the word refers to a precious little box that contained small sweets that, as good luck, it was customary to give to spouses just after the wedding.

Olivetta: a gastronomic wedding favour tells Puglia with three collections

Written by Olivetta

Discover the Apulian culture with the gastronomic wedding favour Olivetta


Even in 2021, the gastronomic wedding favour was confirmed among the trendiest choices among young married couples, and already promises to be a very well-liked choice also for those who will get married in 2022.

Certainly, the gastronomic wedding favour isn’t, no longer, a novelty in recent years. For a long time, this type of favour has become one of the most common and usual wedding favours chosen by the spouses. We are talking about trinkets, religious-themed cadeau, and ornaments for the home.  Souvenirs but practically unusable.

Extra virgin olive oil: from simple dressing to gastronomic wedding favour

Written by Olivetta

In Puglia, extra virgin olive oil has become one of the most appreciated and sought-after wedding gifts


In the Mediterranean diet and in Apulian cooking, the oil is the ingredient and condiment that can never be missing. In Puglia, however, the extra virgin olive oil isn’t just a food but, it is a symbol of all the culture and culinary, economic, and social traditions of the region.

Wedding in Puglia: a tour between some places where you can say "yes"

Written by Olivetta

From Alta Murgia to Valle D’Itria:

a small guidebook to discover places and cities in Puglia where you can celebrate your wedding.


Apulian wedding: between tradition and country chic

The Wedding in Puglia has always been one of the most important events to celebrate. It can be considered the celebration par excellence, a ritual deeply linked to the history and local and family traditions of the spouses. Apulian weddings are characterised by very long times and rhythms, sumptuous banquets, in the name of abundance, and parties with numerous guests involving the whole family and friends.

The dream and goal of every married couple are to create an unforgettable event able to thrill and amaze all guests as well as satisfy their tastes and desires.

Useful wedding favors

Written by Olivetta

5 advices to reuse a gastronomic favour

Five ideas to turn the gastronomic favour Olivetta into a useful object for your guests’ home


Wedding favours in comparison

Nowadays, the wedding favour is not always linked to the idea of knick-knack but to the idea of a useful and reusable object for the guests.

The wedding favour is an important element for the success of the party. The spouses must choose an object that reflects their personal tastes and the style of the wedding. They must also take into account that the wedding favour must please those who receive it.

This is why, over the last years, the spouses don’t choose any more wedding favours as knick-knacks, furnishing or ornaments, but they choose objects that can be used or reused at home even long after the wedding.

The trendiest wedding favours among young couples are the gastronomic and the eco-friendly ones: in a word, useful wedding favours.

Gastronomic Wedding favours

Written by Olivetta

Wedding favours: beautiful, good and useful. In a word, gastronomic

They reassure the newlyweds and please the guests: gastronimic favours are one of the best weddings gifts.


The tradition of wedding favours

The wedding is a party punctuated by rituals and traditions that have been handed down since time now immemorial. Although wedding parties have undergone a profound transformation in recent years, to respond to the new trend and desires of young couples, there are aspects that in a marrige cannot and must not be missed at all. Among all, the moment of delivery of the wedding favours: for the delight of spouses and guests.

For newlyweds choosing wedding favours is a very complex activity. Wedding favours must reflect the personal taste of the newlyweds and the style of the wedding. They are tasked with remembering the wedding forever and thanking guests for attending the party but they also owe pleasure to those who receive them.

Culture and tradition

Written by Olivetta

Wedding in Apulia – Yesterday

Little or nothing, unfortunately, remained of the healthy simplicity of old-fashioned weddings, where everything was sewn, made or embroidered by hand, from the trousseau, to the dress, the reception and the party favours. Party favours are a custom born to thank the guests at the wedding. Once, small, colourful containers for sugared almonds were hand knitted or crocheted at home. However, sometimes, at the end of the ceremony, the newlyweds simply passed among the guests with a tray full of sugared almonds, from which each one took a spoonful. It was celebrated at home with close relatives and many dances.

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