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Spring wedding: getting married in Puglia

Written by Olivetta

Five tips for organising an Apulian wedding in spring


Wedding in Puglia: say yes in spring

Summer is the season that made Puglia famous all over the world. The tourist success of the seaside sector grows every year, confirming our region among the most popular and sought-after destinations by Italian tourists and by many foreign tourists.

Country Chic wedding

Written by Olivetta

One of the most chosen trends by the spouses


The country style is one of the most chosen and popular ones that every year dominates the wedding trends.

More and more spouses are choosing to organise their wedding inspired by country chic stylistic recommendations, combining modern elements with more rustic and traditional objects.

Wedding in Puglia

Written by Olivetta

Your love journey to Puglia


Make your wedding a typical Apulian experience

The wedding in Puglia is a dynamic event and, at the same time, rich in ancient rituals and traditions. Apulian weddings, in fact, stand out precisely for this bond with the values of the past and the ability to always keep up with the fashion of the moment and the latest trends.

There are many Apulian couples, but also from other regions or even from abroad, who choose Puglia to get married, also attracted by the history of this region which relieves thorough its artistic and architectural beauties.

Cultivar CORATINA Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Written by Olivetta

Corato: where it all starts


The Olivetta gastronomic wedding favours tell the stories of the spouses and, at the same time, pass on the tangle of typical traditions, places, and customs of our land.

Our compass is pointed towards Corato, a city located in the north of Bari, in Puglia. The strategic position of Corato, due to its proximity to the sea and the mountainous territories of the Alta Murgia, characterise the production of Corato monocultivar oil, influencing the identity of the city. This is where this story begins, among the olive trees that embrace the countryside of Corato with branches and olives.

Olivetta: how much does a wedding favour that smells of Puglia cost?

Written by Olivetta

Jar and oil: the two protagonists of your wedding


The Olivetta gastronomic wedding favours results from a long process made of passion, tradition, and innovation to guarantee to the couples of spouses a unique object in taste and design.

For the Olivetta brand, the price of the gastronomic wedding favours is commensurate with the attention that, daily, our artisans reserve for the manufacturing of the jars with a unique identity and the care dedicated to the olive tree and its green gold. Handwork, the use of eco-friendly varnishes, the harvesting and pressing of olives are only the peak of a real masterpiece that enhances the Apulian culture and tastes.

Olive Harvest

Written by Olivetta

The art of olive growing in the Murgia Dei firm: a treasure for the north-Bari area


Work and tradition mingle in the custom of the olive harvest

Puglia is the Italian region that praises the national record for oil production. Despite the variables determined by weather conditions, drought, and the latest effects of Xylella, every year Puglia manages to reach almost 50% of all the oil produced in Italy.

In fact, it’s not by chance that exactly the olive tree dominates on the Apulian flag, as a symbol of the entire region. To put it in official numbers, the olive groves from Capitanata to Salento extend over an area of over 350,000 hectares, which correspond to over 60 million plants.

Serena is the new Olivetta collection, and it wears the Apulian lace

Written by Olivetta

Serena is the gastronomic wedding favour inspired by the tradition of embroidery and the 2022 wedding trends


A common thread that is dyed white

The new Serena collection is born from the traditions and love for the Apulian territory, the gastronomic favour that holds stories and culture inside.

The Serena collection is inspired by the Apulian art of embroidery, creative and artisanal manufacturing, which requires patience, dedication, and passion. Not by chance, these are the ingredients necessary for building bonds.

Trendy weddings in 2022: which styles to match Olivetta with?

Written by Olivetta

A wedding favour for every wedding. Find out why to choose the gastronomic wedding favour Olivetta


Autumn is that period of the year during which couples of future spouses resume the organization of their wedding to celebrate it the following year. But autumn is also a period of innovations and new trends.

In fact, over time, the wedding has become a fashionable event that has to go well with the personal tastes of the spouses.  There are many styles by now: in 2021, for example, the choice of getting married in wide outdoor spaces dominated.

Discover the Olivetta collections

Olivetta De Lux

Olivetta De Lux

Olivetta Elisir

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Olivetta Classic

Olivetta Classic

Olivetta Serena

Olivetta Serena

Olivetta Boho Chic

Olivetta Boho Chic

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