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Autumn wedding in Puglia

Written by Olivetta

Tips and tricks for organising a perfect autumn-style wedding


For those who want to get away from the holiday period, and avoid the summer heat, and the winter cold, autumn is the ideal season to get married. A different moment allows the spouses to experience an equally special day, such as weddings celebrated in the summer.

In the last years, the autumn wedding in Puglia has become a choice shared by more and more married couples, fascinated by the magnificent colours and scents of this season.

New Olivetta Elisir Collection

Written by Olivetta

Discover the Mediterranean scents with the Olivetta Elisir wedding favour

The Elisir collection changes its look and tells of love with seven new colours


What is the Olivetta Elisir wedding favour?

The Elisir collection is a line of wedding favour that Olivetta has designed to pay homage to some aromas and fragrances of the Mediterranean scrub.

Besides its very original design, the main feature of our wedding favours is that of containing extra virgin olive oil, produced in Puglia from Coratina monucultivar olives from our Murgia Dei farm. Compared to the other collections, Classic, De Lux and Serena, the Elisir wedding favours contains a flavoured oil available in four different fragrances: chilli, orange, lemon, and basil.

The colours of Puglia on your Yes day

Written by Olivetta

The colours of Puglia have become the symbol of one of the most beautiful regions in the world


Breath-taking scenery, food, history, and decorative objects enclose the emblem of Puglia recognised as the most visited tourist destination in Southern Italy. 

White, green, blue, red, and yellow. A set of colours that attracts and fascinates anyone who walks among the most evocative places in the heel of Italy. Colourful panoramas that alternate from day to evening with the sea on the background to complete this magnificent scenery.

Summer wedding in Puglia: pros and cons

Written by Olivetta

Advantages and disadvantages of a wedding organised in the middle of summer


Summer is the season in which the greatest number of weddings are concentrated except for the couples in love with autumn or the Christmas period, spouses always choose the summer months to get married.

Thanks to the weather, the possibility of enjoying wide open spaces and being able to get married even by the sea, every year summer is confirmed as the favourite season for the spouses.

Wedding of design

Written by Olivetta

Apulian wedding: from local products to modern design

The originality and innovative design of the settings are combined with local products and cultural and gastronomic traditions


In recent years, the tourism industry has given prestige to Puglia by transforming it into an icon of beauty well-known and esteemed all over the world.

We could say officially that Puglia has become a brand, a consolidated image made of landscapes, tradition, and cuisine.  Our region attracts the attention of global consumers and buyers every year, remaining firmly rooted in the local typical products and in the authenticity of uses and products that maintain a strong bond with activities linked to nature.

Mediterranean Wedding

Written by Olivetta

The Mediterranean Wedding is another way to call the “made in Puglia” wedding.

Find out how to bring the Mediterranean style to your wedding day


The Apulian wedding can be defined with one word: Mediterranean. A style that comes from the fusion of country chic trends with the rustic elements of Puglia: the countryside, the sea and the low hills of the Murgia.

Beach wedding

Written by Olivetta

How to organise a wedding by the sea?

Tips and suggestions for getting married on the Apulian beaches


If you dream of a wedding by the sea, Puglia is your place. The warmth of the sun, the beauty of the beaches, the waves crashing on the shore and the scents of traditional cuisine are just some feelings you can experience on your most important day.

Marriage proposal in Puglia

Written by Olivetta

Apulian places and landscapes where you can promise eternal love


In addition to being one of the most beautiful regions of Italy, and of the world, Puglia is becoming an increasingly romantic and wedding-friendly land.

In recent years, the Apulian wedding, a bit like tourism, is become a real brand, a style renowned and appreciated by the Apulian and by many Italian and international couples of spouses who choose Puglia to say yes.

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