Wedding music: how to choose the perfect soundtrack

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Wedding music

Olivetta meets Valerio Di Zanni, known as Deeza – Co-Founder of the 50mila eventi agency- who will explain with certainty how to choose the most suitable music for your wedding.


Music has a significative role on a wedding day: it completes the magical and special atmosphere of that day and gives an identity to the event, which also reflects that of the spouses.

The choice of music, therefore, is important in organising the wedding.

So, how to manage to calibrate sounds with genres and moments? Keep reading…

Dj Deeza
Dj Deeza - Photo: michelemancano_photography


Music is a fundamental component of wedding parties. What are couples looking for when they turn to a music agency?

It may seem obvious, but in most cases, the spouses start with a: “We want to have fun”. The wedding party requires the choice of many suppliers and services, but music probably is the most important, as it is the engine of the party.

Musical tastes are often not the same in a couple. How do you reconcile the music the groom likes with the bride’s requests?

The ability of a good Dj and/or a good musical group is precisely that of getting everyone to agree, cutting out various musical parentheses during the party. In most cases, it is the bride who worries about the progress of the music.

At weddings there is a double performance of a live band and a Dj. How do they manage to combine these two performances?

The repertoire must be carefully selected: the live band usually plays songs that have a group arrangement, Italian music, funky, and therefore have an interesting rendering. While clubbing is more appropriate for the DJ to handle.

Which are the instruments that cannot be missing in a live band for a successful performance?

The choice of instruments is influenced only by the taste of the couple. Surely the sax is the master – an elegant but at the same time energetic instrument. Nevertheless, a good musical group, to ensure the success of the event, must necessarily have a frontman who takes over the reins of the party and brings it to the maximum energy.

For 2023 weddings, do you expect any trends in the musical choices of the spouses?

I believe that the Sanremo festival is one of the events in Italy that greatly influences musical trends and the choice of songs. Spotify and web radios also allow you to get to know new tracks faster to coordinate your reception with the band.

Live band music
Dj Deeza - Photo: michelemancano_photography


Let’s talk about the first dance. Would you recommend a slow classic dance, or do you think a song with a livelier rhythm could also work?

The first dance is a truly intimate moment between the spouses, even if done in the presence of all the guests. It is wonderful when the couples dance to their song, but when they do not have a favourite, I propose the classics of Italian songwriting.

And for the guests? What should be the musical choices of the spouses to involve guests of all age groups?

During the wedding, in terms of music, the only rule is to avoid exaggerations, such as house music too heavy or rock music that is too metallic or hip-hop music that is too urban. Anything in between will do fine.

Weddind moments
Dj Deeza - Photo: michelemancano_photography


Your five favourite songs for the first dance.

My top five songs are: Gino Paoli – Il cielo in una stanza, Malika Ayane – La prima cosa bella, Alessandra Amoroso – Io che amo solo te, Mina – Amore unico amore, Sergio Cammariere – Tutto quello che un uomo.

The five most requested songs for the first dance.

Those most requested by the spouses are: Ed Sheeran – Perfect, Alessandra Amoroso – Io che amo solo te, Fabrizio Moro – Il senso di ogni cosa, Beyonce - Listen, Calum Scott – You are the reason.

Regardless of the music, what are the key features of a fun wedding party?

To make the party fun, you need to leave the right space for fun, avoiding long menus that expand the times and thus giving the band the possibility to express themselves at their best.

What are the most important phases of a reception to be immortalised with the right song?

The key moments of the reception are the entrance of the spouses, their first dance and the moment of cutting the cake. And for each of these, you must choose a song that has a meaning.

How is the personality of the spouses reflected in the choice of music?

The way in which the spouses will approach the party will determine the mood of the event itself: spouses always present in the dances, energetic and engaging, will inevitably be the driving force of all the guests.

Reception hall, farmhouse, or restaurant? How much does the structure affect the musical choice?

There is no exact match because music must, first of all, be liked by the spouses and by guests, regardless of the location. Surely there are more appropriate instruments, musical formations, and pieces in the farmhouse than in the reception hall, and vice versa. Always the tastes of the couples have a common thread that reconnects all the suppliers according to a precise style.

Before, during or after the final party? According to you, what is the right moment to deliver the wedding favours?

Over the years, thanks to the trend of useful favours, the delivery of gifts has assumed a significant importance in the reception, unlike the classic knick-knacks that were given in the past, very often unwelcome.

Therefore, in my opinion, it is right to also give importance to the moment of delivery. Preferably at the beginning of the reception, perhaps even as a placeholder at the table, rather than at the end of the party.

At that moment, in fact, the spouses will just want to have fun and drink the last bubbles instead of delivering the wedding favour as if it were the closing curtain.

The moment of deliver the wedding favours
The moment of deliver the wedding favours


As we have seen thanks also to our DJ, there are no fixed and specific rules for choosing music for a wedding.

As well as over the years, the rule of the etiquette of giving the wedding favour after the party has also changed and many spouses prefer to deliver it at the beginning of the reception to be able to enjoy the party without worries and not risk the guest leaving early. 

In any case, whether you have different tastes, various favourite genres, whether you choose a live band or a DJ, a gastronomic favour or a useful gift, the important thing is to make sure that the party fully reflects the spouses, so as to make it unique and unforgettable. So, the only rule to follow is fun!

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