Wedding dress and favours: trends and matches

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Wedding dress and Olivetta Serena favour

Olivetta meets Domenico Maria Carriero, Bridal Stylist of the Atelier Harem Sposa, that will guide you in choosing the dress of your dreams, and your Olivetta


Choosing the wedding dress is always a moment full of emotions, but it can often also be full of indecision. Which style to respect when choosing the dress, take into consideration the theme of the wedding, follow one’s tastes always looking for a wow effect, respect the traditional colour or enrich the gown with more eccentric tones… these are only some of the doubts that every bride has posed in the choice or search for a dress. If, however, for some brides the "love at first sight" can take place, for others the choice can be more difficult.

Domenico Maria Carriero - Bridal Stylist Atelier Harem Sposa
Domenico Maria Carriero - Bridal Stylist Atelier Harem Sposa

This article, then, can be of help to those who would like some advice in choosing the dress or simply a pleasant read for those who are approaching that very important moment.

We asked for help from Domenico M. Carriero – bridal stylist of the Harem Spose atelier – to guide you in choosing the dress of your day, taking into consideration that of the wedding made in Puglia as a parameter.


What are the 2023 wedding dress trends?

In reality, there is a return to different styles: starting from the 1950s which sees mini dresses of various lengths and balloon sleeves as protagonists adorned with rigorously hand-embroidered lace and crochet, up to the 1980s which propose silk mermaid dresses, embroidered bodices on full mikado skirts, detachable sleeves to give the bride all the sensuality she is looking for. We in the sector like this comeback a lot, because it is versatile and hugs the multiple personalities of the bride: romantic, sensual, classic, or modern – we are sure that each one will be able to find the dress of her dreams.

How often is it that a bride comes to you with already clear ideas about the dress of her dreams?

Not all brides have a precise idea of their wedding dress, even if each of them has their own style and taste. The choice of the dress is certainly a magical and important moment for the emotional meaning it has, but also a real journey in the art of tailoring. I don’t like questioning the bride – who could feel even more confused by my technical questions – but I prefer to speak with her in a spontaneous and friendly way, so as to deduce her preferences.

When you look at a new bride for the first time, how do you manage to recognise the ideal dress for her and thus guide her in choosing?

The first thing I look at in a bride is her personality, then I look at her look. From experience, I can say that these two are not the only characteristics that lead to the search for the right dress, but they are certainly fundamental starting points for understanding the kind of dress that she might like and that could make her feel at ease. However, it is not so uncommon for the bride to fall in love with a completely different genre than the one she had imagined for herself.

According to you, is it important to respect tradition when choosing the colour of the wedding dress?

For me, the wedding dress does not necessarily have to respect an absolute colour. There is an attachment to tradition on the part of many, but in general, there is also a return to colour. It is certainly a very personal choice, but most of the time brides choose the purity of white.

Every bride has her own style. This depends on her personality: eccentric, cheerful, classic…how, then, can a dress represent her?

All brides wear and represent their dress with their bearing and personality. Whether sincere, simple, exuberant, narcissistic, out of line, the bride is always beautiful in her spontaneity.


Wedding dress & favours: how to combine them?


With our Olivetta we have spread the concept of craftsmanship and useful wedding favour. Our 4 collections are each inspired by an aspect of Puglia. How important is it, according to you, to keep the theme of the wedding party consistent between the location and the details of the party itself (dress, favours, menu…)?

It is important to keep the common thread in all aspects of the wedding, above all for those who choose a themed wedding. The various elements of the wedding must all bring back to the pre-established theme, starting from the wedding dress, from the location, and up to the wedding favours.

Olivetta has created the Serena collection, inspired by an all-Apulian love story, decorated with floral motifs typical of local traditional lace and embroidery. Which wedding dress would you match with this jar?

Wedding dress and Olivetta Serena favour
Wedding dress and Olivetta Serena favour

I would match this favour with a boho chic style dress, entirely in macramé lace and strictly white.

Regarding colour, the De Lux collection Olivetta is inspired by the Apulian lights, by village festivals and by the joy of the Apulian soul. How would you recommend recalling these concepts in the wedding dress?

Wedding dress and Olivetta De Lux favour
Wedding dress and Olivetta De Lux favour

I like to lead the bride through a different sartorial journey. I usually recommend minimal dresses that have strictly hand-made details. Olivetta De Lux makes me think of a country chic style dress. For brides who decide to get married outdoors, I suggest a warmer tone – compared to the classic silk white – to enliven and colour their party.

And what would you recommend for a classical bride, who loves to be elegant, romantic and in line with tradition? Let’s think of the Olivetta Classic line, which represents all the Apulian design and tradition, in its simplicity and in its romanticism.

Wedding dress and Olivetta Classic favour
Wedding dress and Olivetta Classic favour

As a good romantic that I am, it’s even easier for me to read the eyes of an equally romantic bride. The volume is the protagonist of the romantic style, together with embroidered and non-embroidered lace, embroidered or lace-trimmed veils.
The romantic style is always present, in all wedding dresses, but it definitely evident through the rigorously wide dress.

The Olivetta Elisir line could be the perfect wedding favour for any type of bride. Each jar, in fact, can be painted by hand with one of the seven colours available. What type of dress could be matched with this type of coloured wedding favours?

Wedding dress and Olivetta Elisir favour
Wedding dress and Olivetta Elisir favour

I would choose embroidery or detail, such as a belt, in contrast with the different coloured dresses. Traditionally, the lucky colour of brides has always been blue. In fact, I add a lucky bow to all my dresses.  In addition to any intervention on the dress, we can play with accessories, perhaps handmade with different yarns or in different shapes. I would opt for a short dress, I would dare with crystals, feathers, fringes, and in short, an out-of-the-ordinary dress. Usually, brides love to change or distort their dress with something special, especially when cutting the cake.



The wedding dress, therefore, must be sewn on your personality, your tastes, and your preferences to be yourself on such an important day. Maintaining a coherence of styles between the character of the wedding and your dress can guarantee a wow effect and a coherence of chosen themes, but don't forget that the priority is to feel comfortable.

Regardless of the trends, which also have their own resonance in the choice of the dress, the real rule is to listen to you and wait for the love at first sight that many brides feel as soon as they wear their dress for the first time.

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