Useful wedding favors

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Useful wedding favors

5 advices to reuse a gastronomic favour

Five ideas to turn the gastronomic favour Olivetta into a useful object for your guests’ home


Wedding favours in comparison

Nowadays, the wedding favour is not always linked to the idea of knick-knack but to the idea of a useful and reusable object for the guests.

The wedding favour is an important element for the success of the party. The spouses must choose an object that reflects their personal tastes and the style of the wedding. They must also take into account that the wedding favour must please those who receive it.

This is why, over the last years, the spouses don’t choose any more wedding favours as knick-knacks, furnishing or ornaments, but they choose objects that can be used or reused at home even long after the wedding.

The trendiest wedding favours among young couples are the gastronomic and the eco-friendly ones: in a word, useful wedding favours.

Olivetta: a gastronomic and useful wedding favour

Olivetta is a gastronomic favour made respecting the Apulian potter tradition. It is a hand-moulded terracotta orcio shaped like an olive.

Olivetta contains Apulian extra virgin olive oil, a characteristic that recall the peasant tradition and that makes this object a gastronomic wedding favour. For a long time, in the Apulian countryside, the orcio has been a valuable tool for the preservation of food and products derived from the land, including wine and oil.

This is the context to which Olivetta is inspired to turn a poor and peasant object into a useful wedding favour with a modern design that still preserves a practical characteristic that the spouses search for paying homage to their guests.

5 tips for reusing Olivetta after the wedding

Olivetta is a useful and practical wedding favour because we have experienced its uses at home, and we have identified for the guests at least 5 tips to reuse our gastronomic favour at home.  

 Olivetta as an oil cruet

1. Olivetta as an oil cruet

Being an orcio containing extra virgin olive oil, the first way to reuse this wedding favour is of course as an oil cruet.

After having tasted and consumed the oil contained in the favour, Olivetta can be filled countless other times and served on your table as a handy and beautiful oil cruet. The wedding favour turns into a perfect kitchen accessory that can be washed and reused infinitely.

The spouses who choose Olivetta give their guests an object that can be used daily, thus avoiding being left unused to get dusty.

 Olivetta as an air freshener

2. Olivetta as an air freshener

You can reuse Olivetta also by transforming it into an elegant air freshener just using diffuser sticks.

Olivetta originates from peasant culture, but also plunges its roots into the tradition of the master potters of Apulia. In the last few years, precisely from this same tradition, a design object made of terracotta and used as air freshener has spread: the Apulian Pumo.

After having savoured the Apulian extra virgin olive oil and completely emptied Olivetta of its original oil, whoever doesn’t want to use the wedding favour as an oil cruet, can easily turn it into an air freshener with a modern and original design, just like the most famous and iconic Pumo.

 Olivetta as a table lamp

3. Olivetta as a table lamp

Do you know upcycling? Upcycling is a technique that consists in transforming objects, especially by changing their use. 

For the most demanding and imaginative guests, we suggest transforming our Olivetta into a lamp to be placed on the table or bedside table. Thanks to the shape of the gastronomic favour, by inserting a lampshade on the top of the orcio, it is easy to create an original and unique lamp.

Whoever wants to engage in this “do-it-yourself” job will have a useful object at his disposal, and he will transform the wedding favour into an everyday object.

In 2020 Olivetta launched the De Lux Collection inspired by the tradition of Apulian lights. The spouses who buy the De Lux collection can also choose a special bright wedding pack with small lights that transform the whole package into a table lamp.

 Olivetta as a vase

4. Olivetta as a vase

A simpler but always original way to reuse Olivetta is to transform the gastronomic favour into a vase.

Even in this case, the shape of the favour is useful for the purpose. The base of the orcio, wider, is an excellent holder for water, which in terracotta always keeps fresh. The neck of the favour, tighter, is an excellent support to keep the stem of the flowers straight, preventing them from breaking or bending into irregular shapes.

 Olivetta as a design accessory

5. Olivetta as a design accessory

Our goal is to provide you with some suggestions to buy a useful wedding favour that can be reusable for your guests.

However, we cannot ignore those who love modern, elegant and a bit extravagant design objects. What better example of a gastronomic favour inspired by the shape of an olive? Although there are many other ways to reuse Olivetta, it can be also included in a collection of sophisticated and unconventional design furniture objects.  A unique piece to be guarded and preserved with extreme care and jealousy.



With these five ideas, we want to respond to the need of all the spouses who are looking for an aesthetically beautiful wedding favour that can be appreciated by the guests even long after the wedding celebrations. Olivetta was designed to be a pleasing, appreciated and overall useful gift in time, a wedding favour that remembers the day of the wedding because it can be used every day.

In the same way, for guests will always be a very appreciated surprise to receive a useful and versatile wedding favour like Olivetta, a newness to take home with enthusiasm, a gastronomic favour first to be enjoyed and then reused as one likes.

Olivetta puts spouses and guests in agreement: the spouses choose this wedding favour sure to glad their guests, the guests are pleased not to receive yet another knick-knack, to be able to taste the Apulian extra virgin olive oil and to be able to keep the terracotta orcio for future use.

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