Trendy weddings in 2022: which styles to match Olivetta with?

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Trendy weddings in 2022

A wedding favour for every wedding. Find out why to choose the gastronomic wedding favour Olivetta


Autumn is that period of the year during which couples of future spouses resume the organization of their wedding to celebrate it the following year. But autumn is also a period of innovations and new trends.

In fact, over time, the wedding has become a fashionable event that has to go well with the personal tastes of the spouses.  There are many styles by now: in 2021, for example, the choice of getting married in wide outdoor spaces dominated.

The need to assure the distancing and avoid situations of gathering has turned into a trendy choice that determined the success of holiday farms, large farms, farmhouses and, buildings surrounded by greenery. 

The triumph of outdoor spaces has influenced all decorations of the wedding. For example, the preparations have become all suspended: we are talking about lights put in midair, candles, lightings, and floral arches perfectly placed in harmony with lawns, gardens, and thickets.

From some characteristics of the 2021 weddings, the new 2022 wedding trends have emerged. In particular, the most sought-after and appreciated styles by the spouses will be three.

  • Minimal Chic Wedding
  • Eco-friendly and Natural Wedding
  • Multisensory Wedding

In this short guide for future spouses, we try to anticipate the characteristics of the 2022 trends, by matching them with the collections of our gastronomic wedding favour Olivetta. Get inspired for your special day!


Minimal Chic wedding and Olivetta Classic

minimal chic wedding trendy

Minimal Chic style weddings prefer simple and essential shapes. They enhance the details and reduce the glitz.

Essentiality involves all the elements of a minimal wedding: the guests, the floral arrangements and even the menu. The colours are neutral, soft and light. A palette inspired by white and more tenuous shades of pastel colours is preferred.

The wedding dress of the Minimal Chic wedding is also fashionable. It distinguishes for a sober but never banal design always emphasized by original details. 

To the Minimal Chic style, we match the Olivetta Classic, the first collection of our gastronomic wedding favour. In fact, this collection has a minimal and essential style with the aim of representing the characteristics of olives and Apulian extra virgin olive oil in an artistic and original way.

The Olivetta Classic is a terracotta jar with extra virgin olive oil Monocultivar Coratina inside. The jar is handmade following the ancient technique of potter artisans.  For the spouses who want to celebrate a wedding in a minimal chic style, we suggest the Olivetta Classic in white, cream, and light grey colours.


Eco-friendly and Natural Wedding and Olivetta De Lux

tendenza matrimonio eco friendly natural chic

The greater attention to environmental issues is affecting also the wedding sector. As a matter of the fact, in the last few years, there is more and more talk of eco-friendly weddings.

This type of wedding is more and more appreciated and popular, and also in 2022 it will be one of the favourite trends of the spouses.

The organization of eco-friendly weddings starts with the choice of green suppliers, plastic-free accessories and organic food, possibly local products. An eco-friendly wedding is also careful to avoid food waste and to use recycled and recyclable materials.

The eco-friendly wedding is generally celebrated with a civil ceremony and the party is in eco-chic locations, gardens and wide green spaces to distance from the glitz of the most modern restaurants and rejoin nature and traditional structures such as ancient farmhouses and farms. For this reason, the definition of the natural chic wedding is also used.

The organization of these weddings is completed by the choice of buying local wedding favours that represent and enhance the land. We are talking about gastronomic wedding favours that combine food and wine typical products with local craftsmanship, and they are made with a short supply chain that enhances the local economy.

We recommend you to combine the gastronomic wedding favour, Olivetta De Lux, with the Eco-friendly and Natural Chic style. This collection designed in 2020 is inspired by the Apulian lights, symbolized by the bright rose window represented on each De Lux jar.

With this collection, the gastronomic wedding favour, inspired by farmers, meets another Apulian tradition, that of lights that decorate towns during religious celebrations. We suggest combining this collection with eco-friendly and natural chic weddings as lights have become one of the most characteristic decorations of the wedding celebrated outdoor on summer nights.


Multisensory wedding and Olivetta Elisir

tendenza matrimonio multisensoriale

Wedding is becoming an increasingly immersive experience. Not only the spouses but also all the guests must feel involved and participate and experience unforgettable emotions and suggestions. A solution to meet this need are the Sensory Weddings.

A rapidly growing trend, sensory weddings aim at stimulating the five senses through the use of colours, tastes and above all scents. The attention given to these details aims to create an experience that, precisely through sensory stimulation, can always be a vivid memory.

In a wedding though in a multisensory style, scents are the most important element: the floral decorations, scents and, essences must be a constant element during every wedding so that to characterise every moment of the party.  

To a sensory wedding, we suggest matching the Olivetta Elisir available in four versions flavoured with Mediterranean herbs and scents. In fact, the Elisir is a gastronomic wedding favour with inside flavoured extra virgin olive oil. The terracotta jar is available with chilli, orange, lemon and basil oil. Moreover, each fragrance is represented by a jar of different colours to combine the scent and taste with the thematic colour of the wedding.

What better way than a flavoured oil to stimulate the senses and strengthen the memory of the wedding in the minds of your guests? The gastronomic wedding favour Olivetta has precisely this advantage: to continuously renew the memory of the wedding in the minds of the guests, as it is a useful wedding favour that continues to be enjoyed and used at home even long after the wedding day.



This short guide is aimed at all future couples of spouses, and it has the goal to clarify the new trends in weddings. However, Olivetta is a gastronomic wedding favour that well adapts itself to any kind of wedding as it is a product with a strong identity inspired by the culinary, food and wine and social traditions of Puglia. It is a useful wedding favour that will surprise your guest thanks to its countless reuses at home.

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