Three ways (plus one) to package the Olivetta wedding favour

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Three ways (plus one) to package the Olivetta wedding favour

A small guide for choosing the right packaging for Olivetta


What is the use of packing a wedding favour?

After having talked so much about wedding favour, has come to the moment to share with you an equally important and strongly intertwined insight into the theme of weddings: the packaging of wedding favour.

A wedding favour to be said to be complete needs a package that does not only serve to contain it. When we talk about packaging, we are not referring only to boxes but to all the accessories and elements that can adorn wedding favours even without containing them.

Bags, ribbons, lace, flowers and sugared almonds are a form of packaging that embellishes the object chosen as a wedding favour without creating bulk.

We at Olivetta have identified three different ways (plus one) of packaging our wedding favours respecting the style and theme of the wedding.


The three types of Olivetta packaging

Nude Look

Olivetta Nude Look
Olivetta Nude Look

The Nude Look is the first packaging that we offer you in this guide. With this pack, the Olivetta wedding favour comes without boxes, bags, and any type of container, but it does not lack decorative elements.

Since there is no external packaging, the Nude Look provides that ribbons, lace, flowers, and sugared almonds are tied directly to the wedding favour. The particular shape of Olivetta with the elongated neck of the jars allows us to always create new and personalised decorations combining different materials.

 The proposal of each packaging is never casual but tries to follow the theme chosen by the spouses for the wedding.

A Nude Look packaging could be chosen for a Minimal style wedding that highlights the details by preferring simple and essential shapes.

This packaging will also allow you to immediately show the colour of the Olivetta, which we advise you to combine with the entire palette of your wedding.


Jute bag

Olivetta with Jute bag
Olivetta with Jute bag

The second type of packaging we want to tell you about is the Jute Bag. The bag contains and almost completely wraps the wedding favour, leaving only the neck of the jars visible.

With this solution, the decorative elements are all moved outside the bag. In this case, ribbons and laces are used to close the bag decorated with the addition of flowers and sugared almonds.

The Jute Bag is the ideal packaging for couples who choose to organise a Country Chic wedding. Jute is a fabric that represents the rustic and country style of weddings celebrated in direct contact with nature, in locations created from old farms and farmhouses.

Jute fabric is a natural and reusable material, therefore ideal for those who organise weddings paying attention to sustainability.


Wedding Pack

Olivetta with wedding pack
Olivetta with wedding pack

The Wedding Pack is the most complete and elaborate packaging that we offer to our spouses. It consists of a white cardboard box decorated with transparent drawings in the shape of olive branches that allow the colour of the wedding favour placed inside to be glimpsed.

With this pack, Olivetta is completely wrapped and protected from the outside, as the box has a base and a lid that are wider than the space occupied by the jars.

The Wedding Pack is an elegant and safe package that makes the presentation of Olivetta’s wedding favours much more spectacular, but that’s not all.

Those who choose the De Lux and Serena collections can also choose the wedding pack dedicated to these two jars. The De Lux Wedding Pack is decorated with geometric motifs that recreate the design of the typical Apulian lights.

The Serena Wedding Pack differs from the others in shape and colour, besides the symbol of the Apulian lace that decorates the entire package.

The aim of the Wedding Pack is to represent the entire brand and the peculiarities of each individual collection.

Furthermore, the Classic and De Lux Wedding Pack can be reused and transformed into lamps. Thanks to a string of LED lights, that we take care of supplying to the couples of spouses who request it, the box stops being a simple package and it turns into a piece of furniture. 

Even our packs reflect our idea of wedding favours: design objects and also useful ones that can continue to be used in the homes of those who receive them.


Christmas Pack

Olivetta with christmas pack
Olivetta with christmas pack

From winter 2022, we have added a fourth to our three pack proposals: we are talking about the Christmas Pack.

This is a packaging designed for all the couples who get married in winter, more precisely during the Christmas period. We have dedicated a pack to them that can represent the colours and style of Christmas.

To answer this proposal, the Christmas Pack is made with two bags of red and dark green velvet, colours and fabrics typical of Christmas. This new packaging is completed by the addition of flowers such as dog roses, berries, oak leaves, wild thistle flowers, and other plants that grow in the Apulian Murgia area.



In this guide, we have shown you what are the packaging of our Olivetta and how and why they are different. It might seem like a trivial choice, but every element of the wedding must be in tune with the style of the wedding and the packaging of the wedding favours makes no difference.

Another aspect to consider could be that of the season in which the wedding is celebrated. Nature usually provides us with many ideas and raw materials for our settings. For example, the flowers of each season can diversify and personalise the packaging of our wedding favours.

At Olivetta, we also try to reinterpret the concept of wedding favour through the extreme care of the packaging, overcoming the idea of ornamental objects. For us, wedding favours are design, utility, and tradition, all combined with an excellent product of our land: extra virgin olive oil, the soul and essence of the whole brand.

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