The perfect wedding: the art of the organization of wedding planners

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Olivetta on olive-themed wedding table

Olivetta meets Aurora Petris, from, who will help you discover the role of wedding planners in organizing tailor-made weddings, turning the spouses’ dreams into reality.


We know that organizing your wedding day is one of the most emotional and exciting moments. Still, it can be equally stressful and chaotic having to manage many aspects well defined in the mind, but difficult to put into practice.

So here comes into play the figure of the wedding planner who follows you throughout the wedding organization process– from the location to the theme, passing through the floral arrangements, the menu, the look, and the wedding honeymoon, always respecting your tastes and needs.

Wedding planners are professionals who are dedicated to organizing weddings: increasingly known, and for many indispensable, they will make your most beautiful day serene and tailor-made for you.

It is not possible to define precisely when this professional figure was born, which began to take hold twenty years ago. In fact, over time the concept of organizing a wedding has changed: in the Middle Ages, for example, there were no religious parties and those who decorated the event with colourful flowers of the day had not an aesthetic goal, but that of perfuming and refreshing the air.

Then, at the beginning of the twentieth century, the concept of a wedding changed in favour of its fully religious meaning: the white dress was introduced as a true symbol and guarantee of purity, and the locations and banquets began to be increasingly decorated as a symbol of social status.

Finally, in more recent times, the figure of the wedding planner is consolidated not only because of previous social changes but also as a functional role for the time needs of the spouses, who are increasingly busy at work.

In this article, we turn to Aurora Petris to learn more about the work of a wedding planner and to better understand why it can be a significant help for future spouses.

Aurora Petris - wedding planner from
Aurora Petris - wedding planner from


What is the best part of a wedding planner’s job?

Among the most beautiful aspects of my work there is being able to observe and celebrate, in different moments and with different nuances, the love that binds a couple.

What are the advantages for the spouses in resorting to you?

My profession allows me to move always in trends and in the news, and this always makes me fall in love with my work. With time and experience, I have learned to have a logical mind. Thus, both aspects push me to always be lucid and attentive throughout the planning process.

Three words that describe the profession of a wedding planner.

It is challenging to find just three, given the variety of the profession. But the ones that first come to mind are for sure: precision, professionalism, and communication.

Many couples are sceptical about your role because it is thought that the style of the wedding can move away from the personality of the spouses and be impersonal. How do you defend yourself against this idea?

The risk arises only if there is no communication or the tastes and needs of the spouses are not fully understood. It is important to communicate together constantly and transparently. The feedback helps those who are willing to listen to it, and thanks to it, the wedding that the couple has always imagined can be organised.

Three good reasons to resort to the role of a wedding planner.

The wedding planner is a true point of reference for all those who turn to us. First, the couples are followed by a professional figure, so the spouses can also dedicate themselves to other errands and have less stress in thinking and organising, and therefore managing, the preparations and so, on the wedding day, everyone, both the couples and the guests, will be able to enjoy the party, in complete serenity. The wedding planner will take care of the rest!

For couples who decide to get married in a region, or even in a country, other than their own, what are the steps you need to keep under control to ensure that everything is as beautiful and functional as possible?

First of all, the organisation. If an area is little known, it is important to check all the organizational aspects and rules (such as if there is a music limit) in force.

How do you manage to make an event unique?

As already mentioned, communication and listening are very important. Keeping in mind the couple I'm planning the wedding for is a beacon that helps me minimize the margin of error.

When relating to a new couple, how do you figure out what style might be ideal for their wedding?

I understand it with time, step by step. We use Pinterest to better understand what the couple has in mind, and then I get them to tell me.

How many foreign couples choose our beautiful Italy to get married?

Certainly, many more than you can imagine. And how not to fall in love with our landscapes and our traditions?

Do you ever recommend Italy to foreign couples as a destination for their wedding, or is it easier for them to already have clear ideas?

Generally, it is the future spouses who call a wedding planner, precisely because in this way they can have better control of the situation and be able to mediate and organize in an orderly manner everything that best lends itself in the country that you choose as the place of your wedding.

In recent years there has been an influx of young couples in Puglia, where they decide to organize their event. What are the coordinates of a self-respecting wedding entirely made in Puglia that respects the soul of our region?

The wedding made in Puglia is a real tradition, almost a registered trademark. The features of a wedding organised in this way are certainly a great party, joy and music.

Olivetta on wedding table in Puglia
Olivetta on wedding table in Puglia

For an eco and green wedding, believe that gastronomic wedding favours can be a perfect idea, especially for those who decide to get married in Puglia?

Surely yes, and they are always appreciated, especially if they reflect the soul of the land they come from or where they celebrate.

Olivetta gastronomic wedding favor
Olivetta gastronomic wedding favor

And for what concerns the wedding favours Olivetta, for a Puglia-themed wedding, which do you suggest among our collections?

It depends on the style of the wedding. For an olive-themed wedding, we have created six placeholders of oil in transparent glass bottles for the latest spouses who have chosen Olivetta, much appreciated because they allow you to see the golden colour of the oil and 100 ml Olivetta Nature, a convenient travel size for our foreign spouses.

Oil placeholders in transparent glass bottles
Oil placeholders in transparent glass bottles

Can you tell us what are the most chosen trends for 2024 weddings?

For the 2024 wedding, the most popular destinations are Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast and, undoubtedly, our dear Puglia.

Given your experience, what advice would you like to give to those who are about to organize their own wedding?

Take your time and leave nothing to chance. Surely though... also to write us an email.

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