The colours of Puglia on your Yes day

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Puglia and colours

The colours of Puglia have become the symbol of one of the most beautiful regions in the world


Breath-taking scenery, food, history, and decorative objects enclose the emblem of Puglia recognised as the most visited tourist destination in Southern Italy. 

White, green, blue, red, and yellow. A set of colours that attracts and fascinates anyone who walks among the most evocative places in the heel of Italy. Colourful panoramas that alternate from day to evening with the sea on the background to complete this magnificent scenery.

In this article, we will see together the thousand shades of the Apulian landscapes combined with our Olivetta wedding favour.


White: from the Apulian villages to the wedding dress

Cream Classic Olivetta
Cream Classic Olivetta

White is one of the most representative colours of Puglia, a colour that illuminates the face of those who walk in these timeless places.

Everything is white, from the streets to the squares, the stairways, the roofs of houses and every single stone of the historic villages of Puglia. This is because traditionally the lime, white, was used as an insulator against the sun. But white has a much more deeper and spiritual meaning as it conveys peace, makes feel us good and make things more pleasant, making them appear cleaner and purer to our eyes.

It is impossible to imagine the villages of the Itria Valley or the city of Ostuni without that white colour that has made it famous all over the world.  

Even the Trulli of Alberobello, a UNESCO heritage site, are characterised by the splendour of the white colour on the walls and the typical spire shaped-roofs.

And obviously at the wedding, white is one of the main colours as the bride’s dress testifies.  

It represents the purity of the bride, as well as enhancing the elegance and solemnity of the wedding day.

The white colour of the dress is often accompanied by details and decorations in lace, excellence of Apulian craftsmanship elevated to a real form of art, rigorously handmade.

It was tradition to make lace also the trousseau for the future bride: dresses, shirts, handkerchiefs, and tablecloths embroidered by mothers and grandmothers on more or less precious fabrics. A family history is kept in this priceless treasure.


Rediscover lace with the Serena collection

Olivetta Serena Collection
Olivetta Serena Collection

Serena is the collection of Olivetta’s gastronomic wedding favours presented in autumn 2021. A new project dedicated to the art of embroidery and Apulian lace, an excellence of the local craftsmanship that, thanks to luxury fashion, has become famous all over the world.

The symbol of the Serena collection, on the terracotta jar, is the typical floral embroidery alternating curved lines and stylised flowers inserted within a repeated geometric pattern.


GREEN: like the expanses of Apulian olive trees

Green Classic Olivetta
Green Classic Olivetta

There are millions of olive trees in Puglia. They are our greatest resource and the symbol of the region. A sacred plant that symbolises strength, peace, abundance, and prosperity.

Given its importance, the are many couples of spouses who choose to be inspired by the olive tree for the theme of their wedding, combining the set-ups with food and wine traditions.

From the invitations and participation realised with natural and recycled papers, tableau marriage prepared with olive branches, place cards, up to wedding favours. 

Olivetta was born from this idea, in the shape of an olive but with a contemporary design. It is a jar handcrafted by masters in the art of terracotta processing. A modern and traditional wedding favour at the same time, useful and gastronomic.


Nature, the first Olivetta wedding favour

Nature Classic Olivetta
Nature Classic Olivetta

The tailor-made dress for a jar that wants to remember its origins from the land. The purple that fades to green, typical of the Coratina monocultivar olive, highlights its sinuous profile. This is Nature, the first wedding favour made by the Olivetta brand, the symbol of the firm and the idea that inspired the entire project.

Those who choose a food and wine wedding favour embrace a lifestyle, take a journey through tradition to celebrate a special occasion and give their guests a long-lasting object. Perfect for taste, originality, and usefulness.


Yellow: nuance of the precious extra virgin olive oil

Yellow Classic Olivetta
Yellow Classic Olivetta

From green to yellow, the extra virgin olive oil has a multiplicity of colours that tell its characteristics and its history.

An ancient and precious food like the land from which it is generated; the result of a generous climate, but also the result of splendid work and dedication by those who, with love, cultivate and care for these natural pillars.

Not to forget that olive oil, the precious yellow gold of Puglia, is the basic element of the Mediterranean diet, as a valuable source of beneficial substances for health, one of the most requested typical Apulian products worldwide. A sensory experience that makes every dish of the Apulian cuisine special.

Yellow is also the colour of the symbol of the De Lux Collection, represented by a stylised rose window that recalls the more traditional shape of Apulian lights.


Blue: like the reflections of the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea

Blue Classic Olivetta
Blue Classic Olivetta

Blue has always inspired man as it is a colour that evokes calm and serenity. The doors and window shutters in small fishing villages such as Polignano are blue, and the bright blue of the shutters stands out against the white of the houses.

All this is the basis of the prestigious primacy of Puglia, the Blue Flags, which fly on all the beaches of Puglia, from Gargano to Salento.

These beaches every year are crowded tourist destinations, but they are also becoming locations for weddings celebrated by the sea, a growing trend in Puglia.


Blue Olivetta, with marine decorations

Blue Classic Olivetta with marine decorations
Blue Classic Olivetta with marine decorations

Blue Olivetta from the Classic collection is the perfect memory for weddings celebrated by the sea. “In the blue painted blue” sang Domenico Modugno, a symbolic colour of the region that recalls the crystalline and shining sea.

We at Olivetta have dedicated a special packaging to the marine wedding, made with shells, starfish, filaments of fishing ropes and other elements that recall the sea and the activity of fishermen.


Red: of the sky and the genuine flavours of Puglia

Bordeaux Classic Olivetta
Bordeaux Classic Olivetta

The sunset is absolutely one of the most fascinating visions that Puglia has to offer. A combination of shades from red to yellow, unforgettable if reflected in the sea. And in fact, you can see the most beautiful sunsets right in the seaside villages, where the sun’s rays create a breath-taking shade, and the red is brighter and more intense.

Also the most genuine flavours of Puglia are red. The tomatoes grown in the sunny fields and the thick and fragrant sauce that every Apulian perfectly identifies with the everyday life and joy of their family. And the fruit that every summer hangs from the generous trees: cherries, peaches, prickly pears, and pomegranates.

Whether it is celebrated by the sea or in the countryside, during the wedding the sunset is one of the most beautiful and evocative moments, often chosen as the background for the cutting of the wedding cake and photos of the newlyweds.


Olivetta: red, burgundy, and orange

Red Classic Olivetta
Red Classic Olivetta

These three nuances embody the warmth, beauty and passional character of our Puglia. It is a feature of all the Olivetta collections to pay homage and be inspired by nature and transform it into an object that becomes a souvenir of the wedding.



Brushstrokes of colours are expressive signs that distinguish Puglia. A thousand colours, shades, emotions, a magical intertwining of art, history, and nature. It is the land of sun and hospitality, the beating heart of the Mediterranean, beautiful to live throughout the year and a romantic setting for exchanging the fateful “Yes”. Colours that tell of positive, cheerful, and enveloping emotions.

Now you just must let yourself be overwhelmed by colours, music, aromas, and flavours in a magical Apulian atmosphere.

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