Summer weddings: 2024 trends

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Matrimoni estivi tendenze 2024

In this article, we will analyse what are the most beautiful aspects of a summer wedding and explore the wedding ideas and trends of 2024


Summer is the season that enchants most couples of future spouses because it offers a perfect setting for weddings.

Between blue skies, golden beaches, and long days, it is not surprising that more and more couples are choosing summer as the time to organize their wedding and say the fateful "I do”.

We have already seen (read our article wedding trends 2024) what the wedding trends for 2024 wedding will be. But let’s focus on how these trends translate into a wedding to be organised in the summer.

The era of lavish and formal weddings is giving way to a more relaxed and informal atmosphere. Even for weddings in 2024, such as in past years, couples of spouses are opting for less traditional and more personalised celebrations. Although it always depends on the wedding theme and the style that the spouses want to give to their wedding, in 2024 we will see a less formal and more casual wedding trend, without, however giving up to elegance.


Choose the perfect location

Olivetta wedding favour
Olivetta wedding favour 

Choosing the location is one of the first steps in organizing a wedding, especially in a summer one. Seaside locations are particularly popular, as they offer enchanting settings for ceremonies.

Imagine saying your "yes" with the blue sea as a background, or celebrating in a restaurant overlooking the beach, with the sound of the waves in the background.

However, it is good to pay attention to the choice of the location of the ceremony: each summer location will influence not only the setup but also the style of the wedding.


The season of fun

The summer weather is one of the main reasons that lead couples to choose this season for their wedding.

Although temperatures may be more or less high, most spouses prefer to risk the heat rather than face the risk of possible rain or too cold temperatures.

After all, yes, we know, that clear weather is essential to guarantee a smooth party.

Summer, then, is the holiday season par excellence. It is more common, in fact, to organize a wedding in a more relaxed or free period, above all for the guests: it will be easier and more pleasant for them to attend a wedding, even if they live far away.

In fact, holidays allow guests to enjoy a short break while attending the wedding, making the event even more special.


Long parties and night atmosphere

Summer days are longer and allow you to organize longer weddings, taking advantage of the evening and night hours for celebrations.

In the case of evening weddings, for example, summer ceremonies usually begin in the late afternoon, to avoid the hottest hours, and continue until late at night. This more relaxed rhythm allows the spouses to fully enjoy every moment and take advantage of the changes in the landscape, now illuminated by the afternoon sun, now coloured by the shades of the sunset.

In 2024, the fun will be at the centre of the attention: more and more spouses want parties focused on fun and music, giving up the mile-long buffets and posed photos.


Sustainable weddings: ecology is trending

Olivetta Classic emerald green
Olivetta Classic emerald green

Another consideration to make about 2024 weddings is linked to sustainability. This, in fact, for a wedding to be organised in the summer, is much simpler to achieve: think of natural brightness, which will inevitably reduce the use of artificial light, or the availability of seasonal foods, which are easier to find. But this is part of a greater sensitivity, especially among younger couples, for a more aware and attentive attitude towards uses and consumption.

For this year’s weddings, sustainability will be at the centre of wedding trends, with particular attention to eco-friendly choices. Recycled paper for the wedding stationery and a menu based on local 0km products will be common.

The centrepiece and placeholder proposals will also be anti-waste, with vases of aromatic plants, and natural or recycled materials.


Gastronomic wedding favour: the perfect gift for summer weddings

Placeholder glass bottles
Placeholder glass bottles 

Olivetta’s gastronomic wedding favours fit perfectly into the summer wedding trend of 2024.

But what makes them so special and why should they be the safe choice for your wedding? First of all, they respond to the anti-waste desire, given that they are gastronomic wedding favours, reusable in other ways (read our article Useful wedding favors); but above all, Olivetta represents the authentic soul of Puglia, among the regions that best suited for a summer wedding. In fact, many couples have recently chosen our landscapes to seal their love.

Olivetta encloses landscapes, sea breeze, fresh wind of summer nights and the shiny sun of Apulian coasts, but not only. Each piece is handmade by skilled Apulian artisans, guaranteeing an unmistakable design.

Each Olivetta wedding favour is a small culinary masterpiece, with its precious extra virgin olive oil, which celebrates Puglia in every detail.

No wedding is the same as another, and wedding favours should reflect the unique personality of the couple: in its collections, Olivetta offers the possibility of complete customization, allowing the spouses to create tailor-made wedding favours.



The wedding trends of 2024 offer many options to express your personality and the unique style of your wedding.

Whatever the theme of your wedding, and whatever period you decide to get married, the important thing is to organize a ceremony tailored to your wishes, surrounding yourself with people dear to you.

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