Summer wedding in Puglia: pros and cons

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Summer wedding in Puglia

Advantages and disadvantages of a wedding organised in the middle of summer


Summer is the season in which the greatest number of weddings are concentrated except for the couples in love with autumn or the Christmas period, spouses always choose the summer months to get married.

Thanks to the weather, the possibility of enjoying wide open spaces and being able to get married even by the sea, every year summer is confirmed as the favourite season for the spouses.

For these and many other reasons, getting married in summer seems the best choice, but the most beautiful and desired season hides pitfalls and some difficulties for the spouses and their guests.

In this article, we will try to study all the aspects of a wedding celebrated in the summer, analysing all the pros and cons.


Summer wedding in Puglia: what are the pros?

Bride with fan
Bride with fan



As already mentioned, the weather is the first reason that pushes most couples to choose a summer wedding.

Although the Apulian summers are becoming increasingly hot, it is important for the spouses it is important to ensure a peaceful time that does not compromise the organisation of the wedding and does not force them to have to make sacrifices.



The second reason that pushes spouses to choose summer is the wide availability of locations with large open spaces. Villas, farmhouses, masserie and reception halls with gardens and panoramic terraces, to be able to celebrate all the weddings outdoors and to fully enjoy the scenic beauties of Puglia in the summer.



Outdoor places that are less attractive in winter, in summer have a different atmosphere also thanks to the light. The nights get shorter and the days longer; every panorama (from the beaches to the hinterland cities) is the perfect backdrop for your wedding.

Who does not love the clear and cloudless sky, the sun’s rays turn golden and the opportunity to eat in the green, between the lawn and other open spaces, in such a relaxing experience?



Shifting the attention from the spouses to the guests, another element to consider when choosing a summer wedding is certainly that of holidays.

Summer, in fact, is the season in which people’s holidays coincide, making it easier to accept the invitation even for those who live outside the region or far from the place where the wedding will take place.



Getting married on the beach or by the sea is a tendency that has become more popular in Puglia. Obviously, this is a type of wedding that can only be celebrated in summer, preferably in the hottest months such as July and August.

Weddings by the sea can be celebrated either directly on the beach, where they are wide and sandy, or in locations sheltered on high cliffs such as those of the Gargano and the extreme Salento.



Another advantage of summer weddings is that you can organise much longer parties and take advantage of evening and night hours. Thanks to the longer days, the spouses choose to celebrate the ceremony in the late afternoon and then start the party at dinner time.

The advantages of this choice allow avoiding the hottest hours and to face the wedding with more relaxed rhythms. And then an evening ceremony allows the bride and groom to use the shades of summer sunsets as a backdrop for their photos. Beautiful, don’t you think?


Summer wedding in Puglia: what are the cons?

Wedding in the rain



In summer weddings, the weather is an advantage and disadvantage at the same time. Although there are high chances of securing a sunny day, temperatures that are too hot, especially during the day, could make the day very tiring, especially for guests.

Surely it is better to manage the heat rather than a wedding in the rain, but when the summer heat is felt, it is good to organize yourself to refresh the guests. Provide fans for the ceremony, for example, and arrange the tables outdoors to shelter guests from the direct sun and too much heat, perhaps placing them under an expanse of olive trees.



Even if in summer it is mild weather that reigns supreme, the summer storm air threat should not be underestimated or at least to be taken into consideration. Generally, they are short and of modest intensity but, our advice is not to be caught unprepared.

Are you planning a garden wedding? The buffet on the lawn or lunch in the olive grove? It is always good to ask for valid alternatives to the location, to arrange the possibility of having the party inside, in whole or in part. Especially if the wedding is in the evening, after the rain lower temperatures may surprise your guests.



When you organise a wedding, an important aspect to manage is the budget that the spouses have set out to invest. 

In summer, the coasts are certainly higher than in the other seasons of the year, especially in winter. Summer, as for tourism, is to be considered the high season for weddinga, as everyone gets married in warm months and the demand for the locations, set-ups, and ceremony clothing is much higher.

Our advice? The other seasons could make you save a little.



As we all know, summer should be considered well in advance if you want to organise your wedding in this season.

A period that is always in great demand and that requires you to book well in advance to avoid not finding availability in the location of your dreams. If you want to organise a wedding in the summer, it is good to start at least a year and a half before the search for the location, especially to secure the dates on the weekends and not have to settle for the weekly days.



Olivetta De Lux
Olivetta De Lux

Ultimately, what is best to do? Getting married in the summer or not? Actually, there is no real answer to these questions. Each season is beautiful and special and at the same time contains unknowns. The best choice is to follow your wishes and realise a wedding that is as close as possible to what you have always imagined.

Whatever your choice, we have always pursued the goal of making Olivetta a wedding favour that can accompany the spouses in their every decision and adapt to different types of weddings. Styles, colours and collections are designed to interpret the wedding in its many facets.

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