Serena is the new Olivetta collection, and it wears the Apulian lace

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Serena is the new Olivetta collection

Serena is the gastronomic wedding favour inspired by the tradition of embroidery and the 2022 wedding trends


A common thread that is dyed white

The new Serena collection is born from the traditions and love for the Apulian territory, the gastronomic favour that holds stories and culture inside.

The Serena collection is inspired by the Apulian art of embroidery, creative and artisanal manufacturing, which requires patience, dedication, and passion. Not by chance, these are the ingredients necessary for building bonds.

Bonds that show themselves in the intertwining of strings, fates, and, above all, memories that animate our territory and your stories.

This collection is designed for those who want to give their guests a historical and gastronomic trace of the Apulian territories. Aesthetic and culinary taste meet to create a wedding favour distinguished by concept and quality



olivetta serena collection

The Serena Collection carries with it the concepts of strength and engagement, which we find in the Apulian legend on the origin of lace. This legend tells the story of a bold love whose protagonist, Serena, born in a humble family, falls in love with a young artist.

Their love was severely tested by a sad event. In fact, the mother of the young girl fell seriously ill and Serena had only one choice: to make a vow to the Virgin Mary, in exchange for her mother’s recovery, giving up to her big love forever.

Yet, precisely during the fateful meeting that was supposed to confirm the separation of the lovers, something strange happened. Here is that from the crown of a tree, witness of the painful choice, a spider web tumbled down, whose web presented harmonious and bewitched weaves.

Both had the same intuition and, they decided to make a copy by using thin and delicate threads.

According to the legend, this is the origin of the first lace, sought-after on all the Apulian territory and, later, exported as a symbol of style and elegance.  Lace was thus introduced in the Apulian trade and this allowed Serena to take care of her mother.

Nonetheless, the vow made by Serena was still valid, until a new sign arrived from the same tree that declared the absolution from the vow. 

In conclusion, the love between the girl and the young found solid roots in loyalty and in the feeling that bonds and ennobles.


LACE AND TROUSSEAU: a meeting between generations

olivetta serena collection whit girl

The Serena collection was born from will and union, but also from the meeting between tradition and innovation, soldering the bond between past and present with a look towards the future.

The art of embroidery is as old as the nature of feelings. In Puglia this making accompanied women throughout their lives: from birth until the wedding, crossing everyday life.

Still today, laces and crochets appear in the trousseau of each family, as a symbol of a common heritage.

The trousseau, better known as dowry, included tablecloths, curtains, and bedsheets specifically embroidered by mothers and grandmothers, becoming a treasure chest of memories and customs.

In the same way, the jars proposed by Olivetta with the Serena collection preserve within them the knowledge necessary for the care of the olive tree and the production of refined oil. These jars become a symbol of love toward others and their own land.


To leave nothing to chance: 2022 trends

olivetta serana collection with model

We know it well; today’s spouses do not want to leave anything to chance and attention to detail is the watchword for the perfect wedding.

The art of tailoring provides for 2022 natural fabrics and processed clothes, characterised by puffball sleeves, lace, and broderie anglaise.  We try to focus more and more on a green style: simple but never banal. Thus, a union between events and territories is created, as an echo of social changes.

Olivetta’s gastronomic wedding favours are a passkey that can be associated with different scenes and styles. The spouses that will adopt for their wedding the shabby or boho chic style will be able to create suggestive and unique atmospheres with the combination of pastel shades.

The new collection presents a terracotta jar in the sage green colour, a shade that is highlighted by the white geometric decoration that recalls the Apulian lace with a floral motif. The colour proposed in addition to being trendy instils serenity and peace and these characteristics make the jar a timeless piece of furniture and adapt for different settings.


The dream made in Puglia is renewed with us, for you

olivetta serana collection with serena pack

The “Dream Made in Puglia” continues with the Serena Collection thanks to the intermediation of the senses. The sense of smell is aroused by the intense scent of Monocultivar coratina extra virgin olive oil cold-pressed from the precious Murgia olives of the north of Bari. Touch and sight, in turn, will be affected by the craftsmanship. In this sensorial journey, the taste will be the constant for every story, and the love of the spouses is the soundtrack of this gastronomic and cultural journey.

The Olivetta brand with the Serena Collection intends to pay homage to the Apulian territory, by rediscovering customs and traditions that are still current and alive.

The Serena collection is a tribute to passion and constancy, essential to create bonds that resist time and changes, just as the Apulian lace.

Olivetta: much more than a simple wedding favour

Olivetta cares about the environment and for this reason, it creates the right combination between beauty and convenience for you.

Our gastronomic wedding favours are thought to be the undisputed protagonists of everyday life. In fact, also the Serena Collection answers to the concept of utility, becoming an intelligent and eco-sustainable wedding favour.

Nature is a source of inspiration for us and to fully enjoy its fruits we must respect and take care of it.  Not by chance, oil and terracotta are the beginning of our stories: natural materials that well go together and give life to handcrafted products in the content and in the container. 

The gastronomic wedding favours are realised in terracotta, a material that exists in nature that allows the correct preservation of extra virgin olive oil, without altering its organoleptic proprieties. 

This means that Olivetta wedding favours can be used as real oil cruets, and this allows to bring refined taste and design to the table every day.  

The project underlying our collections answers to different everyday needs. That’s what, after tasting the Coratina oil, you can recycle the jar and give life to various furnishing accessories. As a matter of the fact, the simple design of our wedding favours is appreciated even for the creation of innovative lamps with recyclable materials, air fresheners, vases and paperweights.

The gastronomic wedding favours designed by Olivetta are customizable in their uses, ensuring gastronomic and sensorial experiences.



The Serena Collection joins the other three collections already existing in the Olivetta brand: Classic, Elisir and De Lux. Four collections that propose the Olivetta project by drawing on different elements of the Apulian culture and tradition shown on the original terracotta jar.

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