Olivetta wedding favours and Mucci Confetti together for your wedding

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Olivetta wedding favours and Confetti Mucci together for your wedding

To always offer the best of the excellence of our territory, with extra virgin olive oil and Apulian craftsmanship, and thus enrich our proposal for gastronomic wedding favour, we decided to combine Olivetta with an equally artisanal and historical product like the prestigious Mucci Confetti. Attachment to tradition is a fundamental component of our project. We also try to pursue it by networking with companies that have continued to produce excellent artisan products for generations.

Discover with us all the sweetness of the Mucci world and complete your Olivetta with the most suitable sugared almond for the style of your wedding.

Symbol of fertility and joy, Mucci confetti become an integral part of the packaging of Olivetta’s wedding favours.

Olivetta with juta pack and Confetti Mucci
Olivetta with juta pack and Confetti Mucci

The couples of spouses who choose Olivetta will be able to choose between two types of sugared almonds: the white almond ones, for those who want to respect tradition fully, and the sweet green marzipan olives, which best represent the Olivetta wedding favour.


A little history of sugared almonds

First, we want to tell you the history of this sweet tradition. Sugared almonds have a very ancient history that has its roots in the Latin world. In fact, the Romans used to pay homage to the spouses with candies, and dried fruit sprinkled with honey, or to throw them at the spouses, a bit like rice is done today, as a sign of good luck.

Over the centuries the tradition changes and even reverses the roles.  Starting from the fifteenth century, the spouses gave the sugared almonds, now made with sugar imported from the Americas and almonds.

Taking another step forward in history, it is in France that the tradition of combining sugared almonds with wedding favours was born, which in the French custom were small and graceful containers for storing sugared almonds to give to guests. 

Today sugared almonds are an essential tradition in every type of wedding, now made in the most diverse and original tastes and shapes, just like the Mucci company has been doing since 1894.


Mucci – Confetti since 1894


Known and appreciated for their tastes to be discovered, let’s discover together the history and origins of the tradition of wedding confetti from the company of Andria, Mucci 1894, by talking to Cristian Mucci.

Cristian Mucci - Confetti Mucci
Cristian Mucci - Confetti Mucci

But how did the tradition of distributing the sugared almonds at the wedding come about? We know that many centuries ago the sugared almonds were thrown to the spouses outside the church together with rice and petals, but instead of having an almond core, they had a coriander seed. For this reason, in many foreign languages today the word confetti means coriander.

In fact, according to most recent testimonies, it would have been the Romans who introduced the tradition of distributing sugared almonds during parties and weddings, but it was the guests who gave them to the celebrated. Starting from 1200, the sugared almonds came to Venice from the markets from the Far East: it was a custom in the Byzantine Empire to throw them from the noble balconies on the festive people during the carnival.

Now let's leave the floor to Cristian, to discover other curiosities about the world of these sweets.


When did Mucci start to produce sugared almonds?


What are the spouses’ favourite tastes?

The classic sugared almonds with Sicilian Avola almonds, the undisputed queen of almonds. The latest trends: Tenerelli Mucci® and Monnalisa Mucci® with toasted Toritto almond covered in white chocolate flavoured with essential oils and natural flavours.

Are there any particular trends in the colours that the spouses choose?

Usually, the sugared almonds for confetti buffet and/or placeholders should always be white, as it recalls the purity. Today trends and wedding planners also propose the inclusion of the colour of the wedding theme chosen by the spouses.

How did the passion to produce sugared almonds begin?

My great-great-grandfather, a renowned pastry chef in Andria, around 1880 wanted his son, my great-grandfather Nicola – to learn the art of producing sugared almonds, candies and chocolate. Nicola attended an apprenticeship with the Caflish in Naples from 1892 to 1894, the year in which he returned to Puglia to found our company Mucci.

For weddings, are there any specific rules to follow with respect to sugared almonds?

The only principle to follow is that of abundance which, as we know, is the basis of every wedding, understood both as wish and as prosperity. The greater the number of sugared almonds offered, the greater the wish for fertility and prosperity that is being addressed to the celebrated.

When is it better to distribute the sugared almonds?

It is preferable to distribute the sugared almonds as soon as the guests arrive in the room, in case of setting up the sugared almond buffet. If the spouses decide not to set up the buffet, then it would be better to opt for placeholders: we offer to our future spouses transparent sachets for food containing 100 g of sugared almonds per guest.

And for those who want to combine the almond sugared with the wedding favours, what advice would you like to give to the spouses?

For sugared almonds to combine with wedding favours, I always offer couples the classic Avola almond sugared almond, because, in its simplicity, it represents good wishes and union and, in its white colour, it has always been the symbol of the wedding.

Olivetta Serena with Confetti Mucci
Olivetta Serena with Confetti Mucci

The practice of throwing sugared almonds is very ancient, but little known – perhaps because it has fallen into disuse. Have you ever received future spouses who bought sugared almonds for this specific tradition?

The tradition of throwing the sugared almonds was expected at the end of the rite, religious or civil, to symbolise a wish for abundance and prosperity, but also sweetness for the future that begins together.

How many sugared almonds should be distributed to the guests?

100 g almond sugared/ guest

For you is more significant the ancient custom of distributing sugared almonds in sachets or the most recent one to organize the buffet of sugared almonds and desserts?

For me it is the tradition to be more symbolic and romantic: the groom holds the silver or crystal cup and, moving between the tables, the bride takes the sugared almonds with a spoon and offers them to the single guest.


As reported by Cristian, of the Mucci family, it is a timeless sweet tradition to colour or sweeten your wedding with tasty, sugared almonds.

As sugared almonds, as a placeholder, combined with wedding favours or in the dessert buffet, they are small pleasures that cannot be missing from your wedding.

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