Olivetta: how much does a wedding favour that smells of Puglia cost?

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olivetta de lux

Jar and oil: the two protagonists of your wedding


The Olivetta gastronomic wedding favours results from a long process made of passion, tradition, and innovation to guarantee to the couples of spouses a unique object in taste and design.

For the Olivetta brand, the price of the gastronomic wedding favours is commensurate with the attention that, daily, our artisans reserve for the manufacturing of the jars with a unique identity and the care dedicated to the olive tree and its green gold. Handwork, the use of eco-friendly varnishes, the harvesting and pressing of olives are only the peak of a real masterpiece that enhances the Apulian culture and tastes.

Olivetta guides the spouses in every phase of choosing their wedding emblem, by offering completely customizable services and creations, supporting customers on the trip toward their wedding.


Olivetta: a precious and refined wedding favour

olivetta nature on tree trunk

The raw materials used for the production are carefully selected. Thus, jar and oil become the protagonists of our gastronomic creations, and they tell the art of the Apulian olive growing mixed with materials as ancient as they are precious.

Coratina oil is synonymous with care, and, for this reason, we keep it inside terracotta jars to respect its nature and properties. To create the gastronomic wedding favours, Olivetta relies on the versatility of terracotta, as jar par excellence of extra virgin olive oil. This material has been carefully chosen to guarantee the right preservation of the oil and protect it from light, heat, and air.

Each piece is unique: craftsmanship and tradition give rise to original creations. The wedding favours are realised and hand-painted by real master potters to capture the colours of the suggestive landscapes typical of our land. Craftsmanship and quality meet, giving origin to a union that will stay in the memories and homes of your guests.

The Olivetta wedding favours go beyond the simple goal to pay homage to the guests with furnishings and knick-knacks, but they opt for an intelligent and eco-friendly choice. Already inside the gastronomic wedding favour, there is an intense green treasure with golden shades that talks its name from the city of Corato, a town located in the north-Bari area. Coratina oil cold pressed from Coratina olives is the symbol of our land and history, known for being an inimitable and unique oil for the scents it releases.

Coratina oil, contained in our jars, reminds us of the brightness of the crowns of the Apulian olive trees, by offering culinary and cultural itineraries to every small, but intense, taste.

Each Olivetta is customizable in use by each guest. The wedding favour can be the perfect oil jar to bring to the table every day, combining taste and design, or become an iconic, but at the same time useful, object of furnishings, such as a desk lamp or air-freshener.


Details that leave their mark: an Olivetta for every wedding

olivetta de lux with wedding pack

Attention to detail is the key to the success of every wedding and for this reason, we carefully choose the decorations to adorn the wedding favours chosen by the spouses. Each wedding is matched with flowers, colours, packaging, and the unique emotions that derive from it.

For example, in some of our collections, we combine decorations realised with dried flowers and natural elements to make the chosen wedding favour as customizable and unforgettable as possible.

Therefore, with the participation of the spouses, particular combinations are studied, giving shape to the dream of a wedding made in Puglia. Seasons, colours, clothes, and locations became fundamental in the choice of details for the presentation of the wedding favour.

Even the packaging is important in the organization of ceremonies as it starts the process of revealing the wedding favour, arousing spouses and guests’ curiosity. The package created by Olivetta is designed according to the style of the wedding, leaving nothing to chance.

Our artisans take care of creating customised packages, creating matches and connections with the theme decided by the spouses, and satisfying couples’ requests. The Olivetta brand suggests different solutions.

An evergreen in wedding trends is the classic and elegant style, which perfectly matches with the Olivetta Wedding Pack. The gastronomic wedding favour is kept inside a refined box with transparent sides, which intrigues and arouses guests’ imagination.

olivetta wedding pack

Another increasingly popular theme, synonymous with a real lifestyle, is that of eco-friendly or country-chic weddings. For this simple but impactful style, we recommend a Jute Pack made with natural, sand-coloured textile fibres. The iconic shape of Olivetta will then be enhanced by the presence of ribbons, raffia, or twine to which dried flowers will be associated.

olivetta serena with juta pack

For the Olivetta brand, eco-sustainability is much more than a wedding trend. This is a real guiding principle behind our business. From the love for their land to the creation of handicrafts, what distinguishes our gastronomic wedding favours is the safeguarding of our territories, with agricultural and typical products of the Apulian cultural and culinary tradition.

For lovers of minimal and sober style, Olivetta suggests the Nude Look to convey elegance and simplicity. This proposal guarantees an essential aspect that rediscovers the power of more tenuous colours. Furthermore, this packaging is perfect for couples who do not want to give up the latest trends for 2022 as well. The new palette shown in the wedding world consists of pastel colours such as lilac, light green and powder pink, to match the different collections proposed by Olivetta.

olivetta de lux with nude look


A wedding favour, four collections

Olivetta Classic

In this regard, Olivetta has thought of every desire of the spouses, proposing different collections to satisfy every request. That’s what, the Classic collection brings with it unique pieces with a retro touch, in which elegance and singularity are the protagonists. The wide variety of colours in which the gastronomic wedding favours are made guarantee concrete and particular solutions, as they are easily adaptable to unique styles and themes. In the Classic collection, the shades of pastel green become emblematic for spring or en plain air weddings, similarly, the orange variant takes up the typical colours of the Apulian sunsets and the Olivetta Bordeaux recalls the themes of the autumn-winter seasons.  

In the Elisir collection, the key principle is that of nuance, in the colours of the gastronomic wedding favours and, even more so, in the taste enriched by the addition of aromatic herbs and Mediterranean scents.

 olivetta elisir

For those spouses who want to give their wedding a bright touch, we suggest the De Lux collection inspired by the Apulian lights, whose packaging transforms into a real lamp for the home.

olivetta de lux

The latest arrival at Olivetta is the Serena collection, which rediscovers ancient secrets of the Apulian tradition: a sage green gastronomic wedding favour that recalls the art of lace.

olivetta serena

The wedding favour is an object full of memories, emotions, and stories, and to strengthen the bond between spouses and guests of their wedding, Olivetta has decided to customize the bottom of the jar with the spouses’ names and the date of the wedding, without providing for additional costs.


The value of the Made in Puglia identity

The Olivetta brand realizes the Made in Puglia dream in all its essence, combining a love for its origins and Mediterranean scents.

The price of the gastronomic wedding favours is to be considered as a correct balance between identity and quality. Couples who decide to buy, for their event, our gastronomic wedding favours support local businesses. Thus, Apulian craftsmanship and fine extra virgin olive oil can continue to strengthen the identity of Puglia with our jars, becoming a sign of recognition for a land of a thousand riches.

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