Olivetta: a gastronomic wedding favour tells Puglia with three collections

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Olivetta on the Trulli of Alberobello

Discover the Apulian culture with the gastronomic wedding favour Olivetta


Even in 2021, the gastronomic wedding favour was confirmed among the trendiest choices among young married couples, and already promises to be a very well-liked choice also for those who will get married in 2022.

Certainly, the gastronomic wedding favour isn’t, no longer, a novelty in recent years. For a long time, this type of favour has become one of the most common and usual wedding favours chosen by the spouses. We are talking about trinkets, religious-themed cadeau, and ornaments for the home.  Souvenirs but practically unusable.

What has changed in recent years is the attention that the spouses employ in the search for wedding favours that are original, useful and also sustainable? The wedding favour no longer represents only wedding, but also communicates the style, personality and identity of the spouses.

The gastronomic wedding favour meets all these needs as it is a useful wedding gift for the guests who receive it, original as different from traditional wedding favours, and customizable.


Olivetta: story of a gastronomic wedding favour of Puglia 

Olivetta is a terracotta jar inspired by the Apulian peasant tradition. It is an object with a modern design that reworks a domestic accessory commonly used in the countryside.

Before the advent of plastic and when glass was not yet used as it is nowadays, the terracotta crockery was the most used to preserve oil, wine, water and, food.  A handy object of daily use that is also an expression of the typical craftsmanship of Puglia.

From the agricultural world, the Olivetta project has brought the terracotta jar to the wedding sector, transforming it into an original wedding favour. This purpose is represented by the design of the wedding favour: In fact, Olivetta has a shape that recalls that of olives. It is an artistic elaboration that acts as synthesis between the tradition of the jar and the new trends of what are called gastronomic favours.

It is a strict handcraft project as each Olivetta is handcrafted by a master potter.  The result is an olive with the modern design and, a jar transformed into its function and use, compared to the traditional one.

Inside, however, just like it happened in the countryside, it is preserved the extra virgin olive oil, the precious green gold of Puglia, a source of income, a symbol of wealth, prosperity and, food well-being.


Olivetta: three collections of gastronomic favours

The Olivetta project has interpreted the idea of gastronomic favours with the creation of three different collections: Classic, Elixir and, De Lux.



Olivetta Classic

The first of the three collections created is the Classic. The terracotta jar and the oil inside are proposed into the most traditional and authentic shape. The jars of the Classic collection are available in three sizes, 100, 250 and, 500 ml, and, fourteen pastel colouring in warm and cold colours.

The representative jar of this first collection is the Nature, which more than any other recalls the idea and the image from which Olivetta is inspired: olives. In fact, the Nature jar is decorated with green and violet shades that represent all the colours of the olives during the aging of the fruit and up to the time of harvest.

Regardless of size and colour, all Olivetta of the Classic collection contain extra virgin olive oil from Cultivar Coratina.



Olivetta Elisir 

The Elisir collection renews the Olivetta gastronomic wedding favour by introducing four new jars, all in 100 ml size. The peculiarity of this collection is represented by the choice to use oil flavoured with Mediterranean herbs and perfumes.

In the Elisir collection there are four fragrances to choose from: Chili pepper, Lemon, Basil and, Orange. Each oil is associated with a jar decorated with a shade of colour that represents its content.

In a gastronomic wedding favour like Olivetta, the collection dedicated to flavoured oil could not be missing as it is a special condiment that is increasingly present and required in kitchens and recipes.

This particular collection brings out, even more, the useful and original character of the gastronomic wedding favour which, with the flavoured oil, presents itself as a highly sought-after food product. Imagine what a surprise it could be for your guests to receive a terracotta jar with an oil as special as the flavoured one inside.


De Lux

Olivetta De Lux 

In 2020 the Olivetta De Lux collection was born.  This new line of gastronomic favours is a new tribute to the Apulian popular culture. De Lux, in fact, is inspired from the Apulian lightening, now also known as Luci d’Artista.

That of the lights of Puglia is a tradition strongly linked to the celebrations of religious and spiritual events that are organised in honour of the Patron Saints. It is customary, during religious festivities, to decorate squares and streets with complex geometrical structures covered by thousands of small coloured lights.

The growing popularity of these installations has made the lights become a new trendy object and then a decorative and design element extrapolated from the sacred context.

Often happens to see the lights used as scenography for country chic weddings celebrated in farm houses and rural dwellings to recall the country festivals.

In the De Lux collection, all this is represented by an eight-tip rose window, the most classic of the decorative elements that are possible to see in the religious preparations.

Gastronomy, culture and, tradition: the De Lux collection is a perfect synthesis of the value of the made in Puglia gastronomic favours.

The Olivetta De Lux gastronomic favours are available in the 250 ml size and in six colours variations. Inside, your guests will find Cultivar Coratina extra virgin olive oil.



Olivetta, a gastronomic favour and three collections to tell the Apulian culture and the new trends of country chic wedding. More intimate, reserved and in close contact with the local and family traditions of the couple. A type of wedding that also expresses a greater sensitivity towards nature, territorial peculiarities and the themes of sustainability and the green economy.

In 2021 Olivetta continues its phase of research and reworking of the Apulian traditional culture and, it is getting ready to think and then create a new collection that can renew the image of the gastronomic favours while remaining faithful to its mission.

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