Olive tree-themed wedding

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Olive tree themed wedding table setup

In this article we will explore together how can you bring this thousand-year-old symbol to the centre of your wedding, enriching the wedding banquet with creative placeholders and significant details


The olive tree is more than a tree: it is a universal symbol of peace and resistance. In the matrimonial context, it takes on deeper meanings, representing the fusion of serenity, harmony, and rootedness. Its longevity and ability to grow in the most difficult conditions make it the perfect emblem for the beginning of a new phase of your life as a couple.

Placeholders that tell a story

Incorporating the olive tree theme into details, especially placeholders, adds a unique and original depth and meaning to your wedding. The olive leaves in the floral decorations and the details of your wedding become a true wish of love destined to grow and prosper over time.


Rustic elegance: olive tree-themed placeholder

To capture the meaning and beauty of the olive tree, placeholder can be a particular element. Here are some creative ideas:

Real olive branches:

wedding table setup with real olive branches
Wedding table setup with real olive branches

Add an authentic touch with real olive branches elegantly placed next to each dish, bringing nature’s energy to the celebration.

Cellulose placeholder with olive tree motif:

Wedding table setup with olive tree themed cellulose placeholder
Wedding table setup with olive tree themed cellulose placeholder

For a retro and refined touch, the cellulose placeholders with an olive tree motif are perfect for the ceremony, because they give the table elegance and a particular touch.

Olive tree bonsai:

Wedding table setup with olive bonsai
Wedding table setup with olive bonsai

You could also opt for a little bonsai as a placeholder, a living symbol of an olive tree that represents the love and care needed to grow a prosperous relationship.

Encapsulated oil bottles:

Wedding table setup with encapsulated oil bottles
Wedding table setup with encapsulated oil bottles

Represent the meaning of the olive tree in small bottles or jars of oil, wrapped with jute and enriched with an olive branch for a rustic and authentic touch.


Imagine if, next to these placeholders, you added some gastronomic and made-in-Puglia wedding favours. This, in fact, is the region that is decorated with centuries-old olive groves, and which gives indistinguishable fruits and products. All Olivetta collections represent the desire to embody the tradition and personality of the region, while also being inspired by new trends. The brand-new Boho Chic collection is an example of this, but also an emblem of an unconventional style. With six fascinating colours, this Olivetta blends the authenticity of Puglia with the spirit of boho chic design. The hand-painted Apulian ceramics and extra virgin olive oil make this collection truly special.

If, however, you are looking for a bolder touch, but which blends well with the olive tree theme, then the Olivetta Elisir is the perfect choice. Colourful handcrafted jars, containing oil flavoured with herbs and Mediterranean scents such as chilli pepper, lemon, basil, and orange. Each bottle is a unique fragrance, and its appearance is also unique: in fact, you can choose between seven brilliant colours that express the vitality of nature.


Nuance and elegance: attention to colours!

To create a more harmonious picture on your day, where the theme is the olive tree, it would be a cleaver idea to also pay attention to the nuances and colours chosen.

Those that best match the shades of olive include powder pink, sage green, powder blue, beige, and light grey: all pastel shades that will characterise the 2024 wedding. These sweets and soft shades reflect the peaceful and serene nature of the olive tree, adding authenticity and refinement to the table.

If the theme of the entire wedding is the olive tree or, more generally, nature, what gastronomic wedding favour would be more suitable than the Olivetta jars: made in Puglia, the cradle of the olive tree, containing extra virgin olive oil, and hand-decorated by Apulian master ceramists. Of the 5 collections, the one that would best match these nuances is Olivetta Classic, the very embodiment of Puglia. Among the fourteen pastel colours available, the “Nature” jar is characteristic, recalling the shades of olives in their ripening cycle. Perfect for those who embrace simplicity inspired by Apulian traditions.

Another collection that is best suited for these more delicate and softer colours is Olivetta Serena. Inspired by the art of Apulian embroidery, this collection offers jars with a design that recalls embroidery, available in the sage green variant. This colour goes perfectly with the olive tree theme: it can, in fact, be perfectly combined with the shades of olive leaves and the neutral colours of the land.


Details that remain in the heart

In addition to the choice of placeholders, make your wedding even more memorable with refined details. In this sense, colours are also important: you could choose, in fact, gold and silver, which bring a touch of luxury and refinement to your decorations. To embellish the banquet, a wax seal with initials of olive motifs, aged cards with drawings of miniature olive branches and jute ribbons that embrace rusticity and simplicity are options that make every detail a lasting memory.

For this setting, a wedding favour that gives a touch of brightness would be ideal: for example, you could celebrate the tradition of Apulian lights with the Olivetta De Lux collection. The terracotta jars are decorated with the geometries of eight-pointed rosettes, peculiar to Apulian lights. Designed in six bright colour variations, each jar contains extra virgin olive oil from the Coratina cultivar, for a gastronomic wedding favour 100% made in Puglia.


Choose Olivetta for a wedding inspired by nature

As we have seen, it doesn't take much to make the banquet or wedding ceremony original and consistent with a theme, especially a natural one or one inspired by nature. The only rule is to have clear ideas and try to stay with the same theme when organizing the wedding. With these details inspired by nature, with the Olivetta gastronomic wedding favours and with the affection of your loved ones, you will make your wedding day unique, surrounded by the harmony of nature. It will be a mix of love, nature, and tradition, told through every detail and every colour.

Last modification: Sat 6 Apr 2024

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