Marriage proposal in Puglia

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Marriage proposal in Puglia

Apulian places and landscapes where you can promise eternal love


In addition to being one of the most beautiful regions of Italy, and of the world, Puglia is becoming an increasingly romantic and wedding-friendly land.

In recent years, the Apulian wedding, a bit like tourism, is become a real brand, a style renowned and appreciated by the Apulian and by many Italian and international couples of spouses who choose Puglia to say yes.

There is a lot of talk about the Apulian wedding, but the romantic character of the region is not limited only to the wedding day. Apulian places and landscapes can also be the setting for other moments for couples before the wedding, such as the fateful proposal.

Sea, countryside, hamlets, and woods: the wide variety of Apulian landscapes pleases all tastes and allows you to organise a unique and personal marriage proposal by involving the beauties of our region.

Also, on this issue, we want to give you some advice and guide you to discover an original and romantic Puglia, through some itineraries designed to declare your love.


From the Daunia mountains to the Gargano coasts

peschici gargano

Our journey to discover romantic Puglia starts from the northernmost and eastern point of the region, the Gargano.    

Like all of Puglia, the Gargano has also varied landscapes from one season to another. The Umbra Forest, for example, is the ideal place for a marriage proposal to be made in Spring or Autumn.

The thick flora of the forest not only offers suggestive naturalistic glimpses, but it allows you to enjoy the warm colours of the autumn foliage or all the beauty of spring blossoming. Hiking among its majestic and silent beech trees could be the ideal opportunity to declare yourself.

On the contrary, couples who love the sea could choose the beaches at the foot of the high Gargano cliffs. Strips of white sand, surrounded by dense Mediterranean scrub and evocative rocks that glide sheer to the sea, create romantic grottos and coves. Vignanotica, Baia delle Zagare and the renowned Pizzomunno, are famous for the legendary love story of a fisherman and a mermaid.

Imagine venturing out to sea with a wooden boat, having the high white cliffs behind you and, surrounded by the blue of the Adriatic, making the wedding proposal.


Discovering the Murgian landscapes

castel del monte

Leaving the Gargano and moving further south, Puglia is dominated by another extremely characteristic and fascinating landscape, the Murge.

Although apparently barren and harsh, the Murgian landscape hides places of enchanting natural beauty, where nature coexists in perfect balance with human settlement and some of the most beautiful historical monuments in Italy.

The hill where the Castel del Monte stands, for example, is an ideal place where to organise a marriage proposal, in the shadow of the imposing Frederick manner and with all the Murgia that lies at your feet. In that case, kneeling is a must!

For the more adventurous, however, we recommend a little climb on the Rocca del Garagnone. An ancient defensive construction, from the Norman-Swabian era, from which it is possible to admire a wide landscape of level ground and hills, up to a glimpse of the mountain ranges of the Vulture.

The best time for this walk? The summer sunset. Think about it for your marriage proposal.

Another evocative and extravagant place where you can promise eternal love is certainly the Bauxite Caves. Walking in the ancient mine, you will feel like you are on a martial soil.

The caves are small canyons fifty metres deep, characterised by the red and orange ground, well in contrast with the green colour of the vegetation of the Murgia. Visiting them, you will not feel like you are in Puglia, but in an oriental and distant land.

Definitely one of the most beautiful and original places where you can make your marriage proposal.


Country chic nature in the Itria Valley


The Itria Valley is a portion of the Apulian land that extends between the southern part of the Murge plateau and the karst depression that hosts the cities of Locorotondo, Cisternino and Martina Franca. It is an area that develops entirely in the hinterland of the Central Puglia, far from crowded beaches and big cities.

Although more isolated, this area has become the reference point for luxury and charming tourism, completely re-evaluating the trulli and old large farms, once places of agricultural and artisan works.

Today, the Itria Valley is the symbol of the Country Chic style, a well-finished countryside in every single detail where work tools become furnishing accessories and fortified large farms become restored hotels equipped with all modern comforts.

Going to the Itria Valley means taking shelter among the wide expanses of secular olive trees, walking through the narrow alleys of the towns with white houses and sloping roofs, and staying in trulli and large farms, designed especially for romantic couple holidays.

It seems like a perfect setting for a marriage proposal! Have a good trip in the romantic Itria Valley.


In the blue of the Salento sea

The Grotta della Poesia, in Roca Vecchia near Otranto

Our trip to discover romantic Puglia ends in Salento, a summer touristic stop-over par excellence and symbol of Puglia in the world.

The three hundred kilometres of the Salento coast alternate golden and rocky beaches, caves, coves, and inlets. This gorgeous sea needs no introduction, it is now known and appreciated everywhere, but it can still be a surprise for those looking for romantic and suggestive places to frame a marriage proposal. Here are some suggestions:

The Grotta della Poesia, in Roca Vecchia near Otranto, is one of the most beautiful natural pools to admire. The legend has it that a princess of rare beauty used to dive in the waters of this cave, inspiring poetic verses to all the men who flocked to admire her.

Porto Badisco is another seaside destination near Otranto. Besides the crystalline waters and the various coves along the coast, Porto Badisco, according to legend, should be Aeneas’ first landing place in Puglia, after his escape from the city of Troy.

Santa Maria di Leuca is the furthest point of Puglia that extends towards Greece. Crossroads between the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea, a place of striking landscape beauty. Promising eternal love on the borders of Italy has an indisputable charm. Have you ever thought about it?

Go to the discovery of Salento, venture on its coasts and, if you love the sea, you will find the perfect beach for a romantic marriage proposal and promise you eternal love.


Romantic Puglia

This small tour does not claim to be exhaustive of all the most beautiful places in Puglia. It is an invitation to discover our region for an important event such as the marriage proposal and start from that moment on choosing the characteristic elements of your wedding.

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