How to choose the location for the wedding: a guidebook for your wedding

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Wedding table setting with Olivetta

Olivetta meets Claudia from “La Porta dei Leoni” and Maria from “Villa La Siragusa”, who will give you precious advice for choosing the most suitable location for your wedding


The theme of weddings is continously enriched with new ideas and trends (read the article “2023 Wedding trends”). But it is essential to always remain faithful to your tastes and ensure that your wedding day best expresses your personality.

One of the aspects that best represents the personality of the couple is certainly the location and, with it, the style or theme of the wedding itself. In fact, many spouses are more inclined to give up the previously agreed date rather than the location: this is an indication of how fundamental the structure in which to organize the event is for the wedding day.

Villa la Siragusa - Bitonto
Villa la Siragusa - Bitonto

Recently villas and farmhouses have come back into fashion, above all in Puglia, which have replaced the more traditional and classic restaurants, but are still preferred by those who want to celebrate their day in a classic and romantic style. One of the reasons for these new trend locations is also their capacity: the number of guests, in fact, often influences the choice of the location.

But why is structure so important?

The place has its centrality in recreating the desired effect of the wedding and therefore must be able to reflect the theme of the ceremony.

The location, however, can also be used as a context in which to insert unique and original details: think about how nice it would be to set up, for example, in a country chic wedding, a corner dedicated to Olivetta's gastronomic wedding favours, containing fine extra virgin olive oil and made in simplicity and design all made in Puglia.

With this article, let’s find out together, more in detail, how to evaluate the different options of locations for your wedding and how Olivetta’s gastronomic wedding favours can add a unique touch to your big day.

Villa la Siragusa - Bitonto
Villa la Siragusa - Bitonto


Define style and theme

Before choosing the location, the style and atmosphere for the wedding must be defined. By choosing the location according to your style and, above all, consistent with every detail, such as wedding favours, you can guarantee a coherent and unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

For an elegant and sophisticated wedding, one could consider a historic location or a charming villa; this romantic and chic style could be the ideal context for a unique and elegant wedding favour such as the Olivetta’s gastronomic wedding favours, Serena Collection or Classic Collection.

If, on the other hand, your dream wedding is informal and relaxed, an outdoor location would be ideal, such as a garden or a panoramic estate. In fact, there are many refined estates or farmhouses that have hosted weddings in last years, especially in Puglia. This country chic style is best expressed in the Olivetta De Lux Collection or Elisir Collection wedding favours.

Sea theme Olivetta
Sea theme Olivetta


Consider locality and accessibility

The position of the location is an important aspect to evaluate. If your guests must travel from far away, you could look for a location that is easily accessible, perhaps well connected to airports or railway stations or simply to places of accommodation. This last aspect is important to ensure a comfortable and relaxed stay for guests.

On the other hand, the custom is shared between married couples - and it is, in reality, a good rule - of providing accommodation for guests who come from outside.

Olivetta with green sugared almonds
Olivetta with green sugared almonds


Olivetta’s gastronomic wedding favours: a gourmet touch for your wedding

A fundamental and essential aspect of weddings are the wedding favours: any couple of spouses gives an object in memory of their day. Recently the trend of giving gastronomic wedding favours has taken on, that is, objects that have a double use: not only a symbol of a special day, but which are also reusable. They are very popular gastronomic wedding favours, which contain jams, honey, wine, liqueurs and above all oil.

Olivetta’s gastronomic wedding favours represent a unique option for surprising guests with a gourmet gift. For the guests who travel to your city, the gastronomic wedding favour can represent the memory of the wedding and also a delicious and original souvenir that recalls the stay in your region.

Each wedding favour contains the precious extra virgin olive oil, obtained from Coratina cultivar olives, carefully selected and cultivated in the Alta Murgia countryside. Thanks to their elegant design and customisable packaging, Olivetta’s wedding favours adapt perfectly to any wedding theme or style: when evaluating the different location options for your wedding, keep in mind the possibility of integrating Olivetta gastronomic wedding favours into your event. For example, you can place them on the tables set for the banquet of use them as personalised placeholder; or you could create a corner dedicated to wedding favours, so that your guests can discover and appreciate their contents and their design during the wedding. 

To learn more about trends and get advice from industry experts, we decided to take as an example two of the most popular Apulian locations, each in its own way, for their different and specific styles. La Porta dei Leoni, a location for weddings on the beach, and Villa La Siragusa, an ancient villa, and charming location. Let’s pass the word to Claudia (La Porta dei Leoni) and Maria (Villa La Siragusa), to get more to the heart and better understand which structure is tailored to the ceremony of your dreams.


What are the main reasons why married couples choose your location?

  • Claudia (La Porta dei Leoni): because the sea is a perfect setting for dreaming of infinity. And if you add to this that we are a municipal house, framed in an exclusive wedding beach for events and that we also offer large green spaces, typical of the Apulian area, with our sea garden, it becomes easy to recognize yourself at the first blink of an eye.
  • Maria (Villa la Siragusa): the couples of spouses choose our location for the large green spaces, for the embrace of nature that receive as soon as they walked through our entrance.

How do you behave when a couple of future spouses don't have a clear idea of the kind of reception they prefer?

  • Claudia (La Porta dei Leoni): I make them close their eyes and immerse themselves in the senses. I never insist, we recognize each other in an instant.
  • Maria (Villa la Siragusa): I usually try to shorten the distance between myself and the couple, I ask what their expectations are, and how they imagine their day and then I present them with the dream tailored to them. The very fact of hosting only one event per day reassures the spouses.

Are there any specific requests with respect to those who choose, for example, a wedding on a farm?

  • Claudia (La Porta dei Leoni): “Do you have plan B??” - This question grips everyone. Fortunately, we also have 3 internal locations that allow us to carry out the pre-established route even when the sky throws a tantrum.
  • Maria (Villa la Siragusa): very often, when the spouses do not have very clear ideas, there can be a chaotic effect between the different styles that social networks suggest, but creating a relationship with the spouses serves precisely to guide them, advising them, towards a style that best represents them.

Can there be contaminations between various styles? If yes, how do you balance them so as not to have a chaotic effect?

  • Claudia (La Porta dei Leoni): to create the balance are our spouses and the essence of their souls. We don't have a "typical" wedding, the itineraries within our structure bear the signature of our boys.
  • Maria (Villa la Siragusa): the advice is to always and, in any case, follow one's desires, not letting oneself be influenced in one's choices by others.

Once the specific style has been chosen, is it good to resort to that genre for every detail of the reception and ceremony?

  • Claudia (La Porta dei Leoni): absolutely yes! There is a "fil rouge" in all things.
  • Maria (Villa la Siragusa): absolutely yes.

Beyond the trends of recent times, what advice do you feel you can leave to future spouses?

  • Claudia (La Porta dei Leoni): recognize at every step and in every choice.
  • Maria (Villa la Siragusa): the choices made with the heart are always the ones that pay off.



As we have seen, the choice of location is a necessary step on which to dwell and make the right decisions. In fact, it is the frame of the day of your yes and, together with the single aspects and details of the ceremony, it represents your personality and your identity as a couple.

And you, have you already chosen the location of your wedding?

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