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Olivetta Classic wedding pack christmas edition

Pros and cons of a wedding celebrated during the Christmas holidays


The wedding is now an event celebrated all year round. After the limits and restrictions of the past few years, increased couples are deciding to get married in periods different to summer. In the warmer months, we continue to register the highest number of weddings, but the trend of the last year shows us that even getting married in the other months of the year is becoming a custom.

The month of December and the Christmas period are also heavily involved in this profound change. Getting married at Christmas adds even more awesomeness to a special and emotional event such as the wedding, thanks to the magical atmosphere created by the decorations and the carefree and light-hearted air of the entire long holiday season.

Everyone really loves Christmas, which is why organising a Christmas wedding might seem much simpler and more fun. Partly so, but we are here to explain all aspects of the wedding celebrated under the mistletoe.


Christmas wedding: what are the pros of this choice?

As anticipated in the introduction, a Christmas wedding has the undeniable advantage of enjoying all the evocative atmosphere of Christmas. Decorations and typical dishes of the holiday will inevitably be involved in the organisation of the wedding.

The Christmas theme could even be the theme of the wedding itself. Even if this solution lacks originality, the decorations of the location, the invitations and the choice of the wedding favour can be inspired by the Christmas festivities.

However, even if the spouses should decide on a specific theme for the wedding, it would be impossible to ignore the classic Christmas tree, the mistletoe and the characteristic-coloured lights


Christmas wedding: the location

Olivetta De Lux nude look christmas edition
Olivetta De Lux nude look christmas edition

Although the choice of getting married at Christmas is spreading, in December it will be much easier for the bride and groom to find the availability of the desired location. The lowest turnout of weddings will allow you to choose the place you prefer without rushing.

At the same time, a wedding celebrated during Christmas will save you from worrying about the weather. The rain, for example, will not be a big obstacle as you have to organise the whole party indoors.

Moreover, the greater availability of locations, sometimes, allows the spouses to reduce the costs, as in winter there is greater availability of suppliers and a smaller demand to satisfy.


Christmas wedding: the menu

Olivetta Classic nude look christmas edition
Olivetta Classic nude look christmas edition

In a wedding celebrated during Christmas time, the wedding banquet will be a perfect Christmas lunch or dinner. The variety of winter products and Christmas recipes makes the wedding menu very original, colourful and traditional, especially thanks to the holiday sweets.

Even though the wedding banquet is an opportunity to explore and discover new ingredients and recipes, we are sure that your guests will be pleasantly surprised to find on the menu the typical dishes of the Christmas tradition, the panettone above all.


Christmas wedding: un triumph of colours

Olivetta Elisir nude look christmas edition
Olivetta Elisir nude look christmas edition

Even if we are in the middle of winter, a Christmas wedding is a triumph of warm and welcoming colours that are expressed through artificial decorations and flowers. Contrary to what one might think, many flowers bloom in winter: snowdrops, tulips, hyacinths, lilies, roses, and holly. A selection of flowers that combined fully represent the colour of Christmas.


Christmas wedding: what are the pros of this choice?

As for the other seasons we have already talked about, there are no real cons to the Christmas wedding. There are only some precautions that should be taken into consideration before choosing to get married in winter.


Christmas wedding: be careful of cold temperatures

Those who decide to get married during the Christmas period must consider the “cold” factor. Although this is a condition that varies according to the region where you are, low temperatures can be an obstacle for guests and also for the spouses themselves, especially if the ceremony takes place in ancient places built in stone, hardly heatable.


Christmas wedding: the choice of the location

The choice of location is a point that we register between the pros and the cons of a Christmas wedding. We have already anticipated that in winter it is easier to choose the location. Nevertheless, it is for the weather conditions that you may be forced to exclude the locations because they are difficult to reach, especially if located in the open countryside, hills or mountains.


Christmas wedding: lack of daylight for photos

Another problem with winter weddings is the lack of daylight. During the Christmas period, the days are the shortest of the year as the sun sets early. Even if the party takes place entirely inside, this could be an obstacle for the photos that are generally taken after the ceremony and before the party, especially if the weather is cloudy.


Christmas wedding: a tip on wedding favours

Olivetta Christmas Edition
Olivetta Christmas Edition

At Olivetta we follow very carefully the latest trends in the wedding sector, addressing them on wedding favours. We believe that there is not any better season than the others to get married: the advice we want to give you is to indulge your inclinations and try to create a wedding that best represents the union of the two spouses.

Strengthened by this conviction, after having designed and realised four different collections, this year we have decided to also think of Christmas by creating a packaging dedicated to this festivity. In addition to the packs already available, those getting married during the Christmas period will be able to choose between two red and dark green velvet bags, the classic Christmas colours. A sober and at the same time elegant solution to be able to transform our jars into a perfect Christmas gift. This new packaging is completed by the addition of flowers such as mistletoe, holly, and butcher's broom.

Inside the bags, you can choose the jar you prefer by choosing from the four Olivetta collections: Classic, De Lux, Serena, and Elisir.

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