Gastronomic Wedding favours

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Gastronomic Wedding favours

Wedding favours: beautiful, good and useful. In a word, gastronomic

They reassure the newlyweds and please the guests: gastronimic favours are one of the best weddings gifts.

The tradition of wedding favours

The wedding is a party punctuated by rituals and traditions that have been handed down since time now immemorial. Although wedding parties have undergone a profound transformation in recent years, to respond to the new trend and desires of young couples, there are aspects that in a marrige cannot and must not be missed at all. Among all, the moment of delivery of the wedding favours: for the delight of spouses and guests.

For newlyweds choosing wedding favours is a very complex activity. Wedding favours must reflect the personal taste of the newlyweds and the style of the wedding. They are tasked with remembering the wedding forever and thanking guests for attending the party but they also owe pleasure to those who receive them.

Gastronomic wedding favours

olivetta bomboniere di design

In the market for wedding favours, in recent years a new trend has been set that seems to bring everyone together, newlyweds and guests: let's talk about gastronomic or food favours. This category includes all those favours that are made with food products, generally typical gastronomy of the area.

Food favours are highly are highly by newlyweds who wish to give their guests an object that can be useful and used in the house instead of being stored and then forgotten or even not appreciated.

What's good about wedding favours?

olivetta con olio evo

When we talk about gastronomic favours we do not refer generically to objects that contain food but to local handicrafts with inside the gastronomic typicality of the area.

In Italy there are many gastronomic typicalities: each region claims its typical products and its culinary traditions but wine and oil are for sure the most chosen and appreciated for the realisation of wedding favours. Two excellences that easily find their place on the tables of all Italians.

When it comes to oil and wine, wedding favours can also be called food and wine, precisely because food and wine is the union between gastronomic products and oenology. Both definitions are correct and parallel, but it is important to specify that they indicate two types of favours that always belong to the food sector

Those looking for a more original and tasty idea, can choose gastronomic favours with more elaborate products such as jams, honey and jams. When choosing to give food favours it is very important to respect the seasonality of the products: let's always remember that these are artisan products and local excellences. Therefore, unlike oil and wine, it is advisable to choose jams for weddings in Spring and Summer and honey for Autumn and Winter.

The liqueurs and small pastry, strictly artisanal, complete this review. Distillates, creams and extracts made with local varieties of fruits, spices and aromatic plants. For those who want to give a touch of sweetness to their guests, the choice falls on the small pastry shop: biscuits, homemade confetti and chocolates.

These are just some of the most chosen and appreciated products for making a gastronomic favour but the list of delicacies could be endless. The important thing is that the products chosen are made in an artisanal way and are the typical expression of the area.

Gastronomic favours: why choose them?

olivetta bomboniera in terracotta

For their characteristics, gastronomic favours are an alternative to traditional wedding furnishings and accessories, a more original choice for newlyweds that guests also like very much.

There are at least four good reasons to choose food favours instead of the usual wedding gift:

  • Food favours are useful. Wedding guests are happy to receive a food favour because they bring home something they find useful and enjoyable even long after the wedding.
  • Favours are useful because they are good. Being artisan products allowing guests who receive them to taste typical local products and gastronomic excellence.
  • They support local territories. By choosing food favours, the choice of suppliers almost inevitably falls on local suppliers. Small producers, craft workshops and farms.
  • They are customizable. Not being mass produced but always to order, the gastronomic favours are highly customizable to satisfy the taste and style of the newlyweds to the maximum.

What do guests think?

olivetta il dono per gli invitati

In the organization of the wedding, the choice of favours is one of the most critical moments for the newlyweds. Wedding favours, in fact, are not only a gift due but represent a symbolic moment of every wedding ceremony.

During the delivery of the wedding favour, the newlyweds, at the end of the party, meet all the guests to thank them for their participation. In this context, the wedding favour represents the memory of the party, a real bond between spouses and guests.

Food favours changed the opinion on favours by guests and also facilitated the choice for newlyweds. This type of favours are very popular with guests, it creates expectation and curiosity. The fact that they are useful because they can be tasted has renewed the idea of favours and rekindles interest in this tradition.

Wedding food favours in Puglia

Olivetta bomboniera gastronomica in Puglia

In regions such as Puglia, gastronomic favours are a perfect synthesis between trend and tradition.

The gastronomic favours, in Puglia, have the taste of extra virgin olive oil. EVO oil is a food and wine excellence, also a symbol of the region, a healthy and healthy food and, on the occasion, a perfect gift idea.                      

Especially as a wedding gift, oil perfectly embodies the values of marriage, religious or civil.

In fact, in the symbolism of the Christian religion, oil is a symbol of peace, purity and divine blessing. Those who celebrate the civil rite, on the other hand, can choose oil for its auspicious meaning of prosperity, wealth, a long-lived future as well as strong and lasting bonds.

Wedding Favours in terracotta

olivetta bomboniere fatte a mano

In the peasant tradition, the best container for storing oil was terracotta orcio. The gastronomic favours in Puglia have also recovered this custom by transforming the orcio from a poor object to an expression of a new artistic design.

Over the last few years, terracotta dishes have become objects of furniture and modern design making apulian ceramic art famous all over the world.

The orcio and the oliera are among the objects that more than others have been reworked and redesigned by this new pottery art. Shapes, colors, sizes: every aspect of the orcio has been reworked to transform this ceramic into a product with a modern design but always inspired by tradition.

In addition, the orcio best represents all the qualities of the gastronomic favours and the useful function that these favours have after being donated to the guests. Easily orcs can continue to be used as oliere practices or be transformed into new furnishing accessories in the name of creative and practical reuse.

Gastronomic and eco-friendly favours

olivetta bomboniera gastronomica ed eco-friendly

Not just because they're useful and good. Gastronomic favours also like it because they respond to eco-friendly and eco-sustainable sensitivity.

More and more young couples are attentive to environmental issues, looking for eco-sustainable solutions for a wedding that can boast a minimum environmental impact, both for the organization and for the festivities.

This new vision of marriage also includes gastronomic favours because they are useful and reusable objects, made with recycled materials and simple raw materials, with an artisan production process and a very short distribution chain. 

They are good for the environment and the territories because being strictly artisan products the choice always falls on local producers outside all logic of industrial production and distribution.


Beautiful, useful, good and customizable. Food favours have completely changed the idea and concept of favour.

With food favours, newlyweds can finally choose something they're sure they can like. Guests, on the other hand, receive useful and good products: food and wine excellences and objects of real local craftsmanship that makes favours a much more welcome and desired gift.

In addition, the high customization of these favours allows the newlyweds to choose objects perfectly in line with their tastes and the style of their wedding.

Olivetta, wedding favour made in Puglia

olivetta bomboniere made in Puglia

All the characteristics of gastronomic favours can be found in our Olivetta, a favour designed and made in Puglia.

It is a terracotta orcio transformed into a design object with inside the extra virgin olive oil of Cultivar Coratina produced from olive trees grown in the Murgia of North Barese.

The guests who receive the Olivetta as a wedding favour, take home the precious extra virgin olive oil of Puglia as well as a timeless object, reusable every day as an oil mill.

Olivetta is available in three different collections, three packaging and numerous colours. The tradition that inspired it is based on country chic style and a continuous search for new trends always in step with the tastes of the newlyweds.

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