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Corato: where it all starts


The Olivetta gastronomic wedding favours tell the stories of the spouses and, at the same time, pass on the tangle of typical traditions, places, and customs of our land.

Our compass is pointed towards Corato, a city located in the north of Bari, in Puglia. The strategic position of Corato, due to its proximity to the sea and the mountainous territories of the Alta Murgia, characterise the production of Corato monocultivar oil, influencing the identity of the city. This is where this story begins, among the olive trees that embrace the countryside of Corato with branches and olives.

There are many proofs of the first findings of olive trees in the north area of Bari. It is certain that the Phoenicians and Greeks introduced this plantation in our territory, until in the V century the Benedictine and Cistercian monks transformed the wide expanses of wild fields into olive groves. 

The historical presence of olive trees in the northern area of Bari is also testified by the presence of some centuries-old and millenary trees. This is the case of the Patriarch of Corato, an olive tree with a majestic crown dating back to the period of Charlemagne, located in the north-Bari area exactly in the countryside of Corato.

Currently, the Coratina cultivar is getting stronger its identity nationally and internationally, without forgetting its origins and its history. And therefore, in the countryside and olive oil mills, during the harvesting period, the echo of the word “racioppa” resounds: peasants and day labourers still use this dialect term that recalls bunches, an essential characteristic of the Coratina monocultivar.


The oil with a thousand properties

The oil with a thousand properties

As time passes, oil has become increasingly synonymous with health and well-being and so its uses have diversified, from body care to the production of hair conditioner and nourishing oils.

Extra virgin olive oil obtained from cold pressing of only olives from Corato is a good ally for health and psycho-physical well-being.  The high concentration of polyphenols makes Coratina oil an essential elixir in everyday life. The real protagonist is oleuropein, the polyphenol that gives a bitter taste and becomes fundamental in the treatment of cardiovascular neoplasia and neurodegenerative diseases. 

The slight tingling that is felt, however, is synonymous with the presence of another important polyphenol, the oleocanthal, known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties comparable to those of ibuprofen. 

The Coratina oil, for its intrinsic characteristics, contributes to the improvement of cardiovascular health. In reality, the high content of monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids present in the monocultivar Coratina oil increases the level of good cholesterol (DHL) by fighting the presence of LDL (bad cholesterol).

And that’s not all: monocultivar Coratina oil also takes care of digestive health, and it is known to be easy to digest. This characteristic also acts on gastric acidity by optimizing the assimilation of nutritional resources.

It is a food to be included in the daily diet, particularly recommended for vegans and vegetarians, as it facilitates the assimilation of iron.


Some myths on extra virgin olive oil to dispel

Coratina oil dressing

The history of the oil of Corato starts from afar, it is an ancient food due to its origins but modern in its uses. With its gastronomic wedding favours, Olivetta also intends to spread a greater degree of awareness among consumers, which is why it is important to dispel some myths.

One of the false myths about the oil of Corato is linked to the tingling that is felt from the first tastings. Very often, this characteristic is associated with acidity. Precisely for this reason, in ancient times the oil of monocultivar Coratina was used as a “cutting oil”, to give more vivacity to weak and less intense oils.

Today, however, it is well known that the slight tingling caused by extra virgin olive oil, besides being synonymous with quality, indicates the freshness of the product. The Olivetta brand respects the times of nature and therefore every phase provided for the making of the product is the result of perseverance and dedication, as it is the olive tree of our territory that indicates the necessary care.

Extra virgin olive oil can mislead with its thousands shades between yellow and green, and the visual analysis is not enough to deduce the qualitative standards. Variety, degree of ripeness and methods of preservation are just some of the variables that come into play and that determine the quality of the product.

Green and yellow are the most common colour variations in Coratina oil and in both cases, they indicate a good and quality oil. Under these circumstances, what changes are the pigments: in green oil chlorophyll triumphs and in the yellow one there is a high presence of carotenes.

Among the myths to dispel about the use of extra virgin olive oil, the advice to avoid this variety for frying predominates. Actually, extra virgin olive oil made with the olives of Corato is also perfect for frying. In reality, this monocultivar can resist hot temperatures, as it is protected by natural antioxidants that prevent the oxidation process.

Despite the extreme versatility of the oil, this food is not a friend of time. Nature knows this, and its cycles have also taught us that there is a time for everything. Unlike other gastronomic products, such as wine and cheeses, the organoleptic properties of the oil are tended to worsen.

As time passes, the aromatic notes attenuate, and the oxidation process improves abruptly. In this context, the method of conservation has immense importance. The oil contained in the gastronomic wedding favours of Olivetta is a fresh oil that releases hints of almond and raw olives because it is preserved in traditional terracotta containers.


Olive themed weddings: the made in Puglia dream becomes reality

olive theme wedding with Olivetta

The olive trees that inhabit the north-Bari area for centuries have fascinated adults and young for their sober elegance, but at the same time of impact. Hardly anyone who sees an olive tree typical of our land will be able to forget the harmony of its trunks and the tangle of the branches, which seem to draw the sky.

In addition to being a tree appreciated for its production, the olive tree is increasingly a central element in wedding planning. More and more often, the couples of spouses are choosing the olive tree as a symbol of their wedding, combining tastes and settings.

The message of love that the olive tree carries with it is intrinsic in its nature. In fact, the olive tree is known to be a long-lived plant and its association with indissoluble bonds is spontaneous. In particular, the olive tree of Corato is a resilient and resistant plant with the peculiarity of easily adapting to several types of soils, both rocky and calcareous.

For this reason, in the wedding world, the olive tree symbolises a solid and lasting union.  The Olivetta brand wishes, with its gastronomic wedding favour, a strong and free love inspired by the union between earth and infinity typical of olive trees.  

In the last years, the theme of the olive tree for the organization of ceremonies has become a real evergreen, able to embellish locations and settings. The olive tree can become the common thread of the wedding, starting from the invitations that can be made with natural and eco-sustainable papers, taking up the ivory and olive-green shades. The olive-themed seating arrangements are characterised by olive fronds, and the names of the tables may recall the varieties of olive tree typical of Puglia.

Our gastronomic wedding favours arouse unique suggestions above all if combined with this type of set-ups. Our range of shades makes it easier for the spouses to choose the Olivetta that best suits the theme.  For example, the Olivetta Nature is perfect to recall the Coratina monocultivar, with its shades ranging from green to purple.

Regardless of the model chosen, the extra virgin olive oil contained in our terracotta jars is always an ideal thought to pay homage to the guests by giving Puglia small, but precious, doses of green gold.

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