Country Chic wedding

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Olivetta Country Chic wedding

One of the most chosen trends by the spouses


The country style is one of the most chosen and popular ones that every year dominates the wedding trends.

More and more spouses are choosing to organise their wedding inspired by country chic stylistic recommendations, combining modern elements with more rustic and traditional objects.

Country chic style defines itself through the predilection to simplicity and beauty of open and natural spaces that also influence the choice of the location, decorations and elements that characterise a wedding, wedding favour including.


Country and Shabby Chic Style: what are the differences

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Although in recent years the wedding industry has favoured the fusion between styles, it is important to distinguish Country Chic from Shabby Chic.

The Shabby is a style that was born in Great Britain, and it is inspired by the furniture of Victorian age large houses. It refers to ancient, worn-out, and almost forgotten by time objects, then recovered and transformed into romantic and fragile furnishings and decorations. This style recommends colour with dusty shades to talk about the passage of time.

On the other hand, the Country Chic style enhances nature and countryside landscapes. All rural and bucolic things become settings and decorations, living together with more chic, sought-after and refined articles. Elegance dominates in these weddings even if they are celebrated in a wood, in the countryside, surrounded by olive trees or long expanses of vineyards laid down on the hills.

In the Country Chic style, the countryside relives in all its originality with the typical materials of peasant culture: wood, wicker, linen and cotton fabrics, wildflowers. The materials also determine the choice of colours, warm and soft mixed together.


Elements for a country chic wedding

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The first feature of a country chic wedding is the search for essentials. Locations, decorations, and flowers must communicate a sense of simplicity through the constant presence of nature.

The flowers chosen, for example, are those of the field, the aromatic herbs, dried flowers, and ears of wheat. The decorations and accessories are made with peasant tools recovered and used in their originality: hay bales, wicker baskets, potters, wooden tables, and glass amphorae.


The location of a country chic wedding

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The style of a country chic wedding is expressed, above all, through the location chosen by the spouses. Often, it is precisely the place of the party that makes sure that a wedding can be defined as country chic.

The perfect location must have direct contact with nature because these weddings are celebrated mainly outdoor. The ancient farmhouses, farms, woods, and flower gardens are the best landscapes where you can make a country-style wedding.

Puglia is one of the regions that in last years has seen a rapid spread of country chic weddings, thanks to its landscapes and upgrading of farms and farmhouses that have now become places where the countryside coexists in perfect harmony with an increasingly elegant style and with luxury services.

In the past known only for the sea, today there is not a corner of Puglia that has not been rediscovered and transformed into an attractive place for tourism. This change is also thanks to weddings because there are more and more couples of spouses who, even within the same region, are willing to celebrate their wedding in structures that are further and further away from their place of residence.

The wide variety of Apulian subregions and landscapes has also been imported into weddings, diversifying wedding parties. A wedding celebrated in the Itria Valley differs from those celebrated in the Murgia or Salento for the places, landscapes, and obviously the food.

The trend, especially in country chic weddings, is to take inspiration from village parties and festivals, customs, and traditions that become iconic elements within wedding parties: local products, culture, and even popular music.

Weddings in this style are celebrated especially in the summer, and very often the spouses choose only one place for the ceremony and the party. The civil ritual is now a custom, favoured precisely by the possibility of getting married outdoors, in a garden, on a lawn or surrounded by an expanse of olive trees. The country chic wedding, more than any others, is considered as the realisation of one’s own idea of weddings as it is freer from the bond of the traditional ceremonies.


Country Chic Wedding and Sustainability

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Very often, the choice of an outdoor wedding immersed in nature is linked to the growing eco-friendly sensitivity of young married couples.

There is greater attention to the impact of the wedding party on the landscape, avoiding food waste and choosing non-polluting or recyclable materials. Even with food, we try to enhance a local supply chain and typical and seasonal products A particular attention to all these details defines these weddings also with the terms natural chic and eco-chic.


The wedding favours for the Country Chic weddings

olivetta favor for country chic weddingsPhoto credits:

The country chic style also involves wedding favours. For an outdoor wedding, in contact with nature that rediscovers the local and peasant traditions, the most suitable wedding favour surely is the gastronomic or food and wine one. We talk about all the wedding favours realised with local culinary products such as wine, oil, typical sweets, and jams.

Olivetta is the gastronomic wedding favour inspired by one of the most precious commodities: extra virgin olive oil. Its patented design is inspired by olives, an idea to interpret in a modern way the terracotta jar used in the countryside precisely for the conservation of oil.  

Over time, the Olivetta wedding favour has been enriched with other inspirations, all drawn from the local Apulian culture. The light of village festivals, the lace, and crochet used in our homes to wrap trousseau and home decorations.

The extra virgin olive oil inside the favour keeps its relationship with the territory and nature firmly, even if each of our collections tells different nuances of Puglia, all recognizable and appreciated and known even outside the region.



The country chic wedding is perfectly in agreement with the Olivetta style and its concept of wedding favour.

However, aside from wedding trends, we wish our spouses and all the future spouses to be able to organise and experience a wedding in the style that best reflects their love story and their identity as people and as a couple, whatever it is. We look forward to marriages that are ever freer to express themselves.

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