Autumn wedding in Puglia

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Autumn wedding in Puglia

Tips and tricks for organising a perfect autumn-style wedding


For those who want to get away from the holiday period, and avoid the summer heat, and the winter cold, autumn is the ideal season to get married. A different moment allows the spouses to experience an equally special day, such as weddings celebrated in the summer.

In the last years, the autumn wedding in Puglia has become a choice shared by more and more married couples, fascinated by the magnificent colours and scents of this season.

Especially towards the end of September and the begging of October, autumn turns out to be a fascinating region as it is the time of the year in which the landscape transforms itself and the weather mixes the hot temperatures of the summer, just passed, with the cold ones that anticipate the arrival of winter.

Even in autumn, Puglia is confirmed as a wonderful place to get married and celebrate an unforgettable wedding. If you haven’t thought about getting married in autumn yet, start by reading our tips.


Autumn wedding in Puglia between colours and landscapes

colours and landscapes
Colours and landscapes

Autumn wedding in Puglia is a moment of magical change. Leaves start to change, and the countryside becomes the perfect location for nature lovers.

The colour palette is inspired by warm tones, reflecting the gradations of the land and the glare of the sun of autumn which with its reddish and orange reflections invests all the details of the landscapes, creating a naturally romantic landscape.


How to organise an autumn wedding in Puglia

Like other seasons, autumn is also an infinite source of inspiration. Nature offers numerous ideas such as leaves and dry branches, pumpkins, pomegranates, and grapes. All useful elements to embellish the setting of the chosen location.

Playing with the details is essential to create the right atmosphere for your wedding. For example, if you want to replicate a country chic style, you could use wooden signs for the tableau marriage, seats made with hay bales, olive leaves, and wine barrels to recall the period of the Apulian harvest.

Another suggestive element to include could be the wooden lanterns, arranged on the ground to warm the atmosphere and create suggestive paths that during the celebrations guide the guests from one area of the location to another.


Autumn wedding in Puglia: the choice of the location

the choice of the location
The choice of the location

Before thinking about the setting, it is good to know the location of the autumn wedding in Puglia, one of the most important elements to consider.

Our advice is to start by choosing the place that reflects the personality of the spouses and their style.

For example, if you are planning a rustic wedding, you could choose a masseria in the beautiful Itria Valley, a farmhouse or an old country house reconstructed in a country chic style.

The common feature of all these locations is the strong presence of nature: gardens, lawns, and large tree-lined parks that become places where to welcome guests at the beginning of the celebrations or a setting for cutting the cake.

Outdoor spaces are also involved in autumn weddings, especially in the early stages of the party, which generally take place from lunchtime to evening.

Red, brown, and ochre yellow are just some of the shades that transform a location into a welcoming environment. The autumn palettes will allow you to dare with bright colours, allowing you to recreate warm and evocative atmospheres.

Even in autumn, we suggest organising the wedding following a specific theme to give ample space to your imagination, to distinguish and be recognizable.

More than summer, autumn has many characteristic elements that can be transformed into decorations. You can use small flowers, pumpkins, chestnut hedgehogs, dry leaves, and the inevitable candles. The beauty of these decorations is that they are all natural and easily available, besides being in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape.


Autumn wedding in Puglia: the menu with seasonal products

Autumn is a special time of the year, even from a gastronomic point of view. For this reason, many people choose for their party the quality of local products based on fresh and seasonal ingredients, unique and unavailable at other times of the year.

Here a wedding can become a journey into the flavours of tradition, gastronomy and culture, making your guests discover authentic cuisine and guardian of local specialities.

As in other seasons, autumn brings typical products to meet the most modern cuisine. Mushrooms, pumpkin, chestnuts, wild herbs: agricultural products that from the housewife tradition have been transformed into gastronomic excellences.

In addition, the particular position of Puglia means that in each season, including autumn, there is also a wide variety of fish products, another great culinary excellence that characterises the cuisine of our region. Whatever season you choose, in Puglia the personalization of the menu is a constant that nature gives to the spouses.


Autumn wedding in Puglia: the cons

There are no real cons that can affect the choice of getting married in autumn. Contrary to summer, however, the autumn wedding requires the spouses to take some precautions to deal with the unexpected of the season. Our advice is to organise a daytime ceremony to take advantage of the hours of sunshine. Getting married in autumn also allows you to spend the party in open spaces and indoors, paying attention to the fact that you have a "plan b" in case the rain should surprise you during the celebrations. Even clothing is affected by the hybrid character of autumn. If we were to give you some advice for the outfit, you could certainly opt for a solution that includes still-light fabrics combined with overcoats to face the evening hours that can be colder.


Olivetta: a gastronomic wedding favour

Olivetta: a gastronomic wedding favour
Olivetta: a gastronomic wedding favour

Even for an autumn wedding, Olivetta is the wedding favour that can surprise your guests and combine with the style of the wedding. The numerous colours available allow Olivetta to perfectly match the palette and theme of the whole wedding, without losing the character that makes it very appreciated, by the spouses and the guests: its usefulness and reusability over time.



Beyond these tips, every season is magical and special for organizing your wedding. Returning to the topic of the article, getting married in Puglia in autumn is really something sought after, and the Olivetta gastronomic favours will make your guests relive the charm of this season all year round, accompanying them with the intense taste of its precious content: extra virgin olive oil.

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