2023 Wedding trends

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2023 Wedding trends

Let’s discover together the new fashions dedicated to the spouses

Also this year, Olivetta tells you the news of the next wedding season


What was the style of weddings in 2022?

The 2022 wedding season has now come to its end, except for the most fearless and in love with the Christmas atmosphere who have chosen to get married in December.

We operators in the sector, on the other hand, being to take care of the new fashions and trends of 2023 wedding. And we do it with this small guide created to guide the future couples of spouses in the choice of the style with which to organise their wedding.

Let’s start with a small step back. 2022, after the restrictions and difficulties of the past two years, represented the full return to celebrating weddings in total freedom. This allowed couples to focus much more on the style and set up of the wedding and party.

We remind you that in 2022 the most sought-after styles were essentially three: the minimal-chic wedding, the eco-friendly and natural wedding, and the multisensorial wedding. In general, there was a greater concern in organising weddings with an essential and less lavish style, attentive to the environment and avoiding food waste, as well as creating more suggestive and stimulating experiences for guests.

We talked about it last autumn in this in-depth article: Trendy weddings in 2022: what style to match Olivetta?


2023 Wedding trends

Shabby chic wedding setup
Shabby chic wedding setup

Even if only twelve months have passed, in the last year the fashions and trends in the wedding sector have already changed. The attention to nature and eco-friendly issues certainly continuous to be high.

The favourite locations of the spouses, also for this year, will be the ancient villas, dwellings and masserie surrounded by greenery. In Puglia, these structures dominate the choices of the spouses, allowing the creation of the settings inspired by the country and shabby-chic style.

These locations also have the advantage of having large outdoor spaces, allowing the spouses to be able to host many guests. 2023, more than this year, will determine the return to large wedding parties with numerous guests.

Regardless of the style and location, in 2023 the spouses will tend to break away from tradition even more to give space to creativity and personalization of the ceremony and party.


Longer weddings and Wedding Fest

Wedding fest
Wedding fest

In addition to a bigger party, the 2023 wedding involves very long parties. The new trend is to accompany the main celebrations, moments that precede and follow the wedding day.

More couples of spouses choose to stay with their friends the day before the wedding and the day after with the closest family members for a branch or a real lunch.

Those who get married on Thursday and Friday choose to organise a wedding weekend. In the company of your guests, in a countryside location or in a resort near the sea, there will be more and more couples who will spend an entire weekend with relatives and friends, transforming the wedding into a real holiday.

This solution also arises from another change: while in previous years most weddings were celebrated on weekends, the increase in the number of weddings forced the spouses to celebrate on other days of the week.

In general, we are witnessing a real transformation of weddings that increasingly reflects the character and tastes of the spouses, making each wedding party original and unique.


2023 Weddings: the spouses are looking for quality

Imperial wedding ceremony table
Imperial wedding ceremony table

Quality is another watchword of the 2023 wedding. Starting from the ceremony, to the banquet and the entertainment of the guests, everything must be researched and taken care of in every detail.

The km0 philosophy is increasingly a constant in the organization of the wedding banquet. The menus are made with local and seasonal products, respecting the tradition that is revisited without proposing dishes too distant from the gastronomic habits of the territory.

There is no lack of concern to avoid food waste or create menus for those who prefer vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

Everything becomes an experience to live and enjoy: live cooking is a must at banquets, an increasingly informal seating arrangement, tables without tablecloths and organized according to the imperial style and placed directly on the grass.

Invitations are also made with finest and refined papers, for example by choosing natural, biological or recycled fibres.


2023 Wedding: which wedding favour to choose?

Olivetta Elisir on the table
Olivetta Elisir on the table

This variety of influences, inspirations and experiences will also be reflected in the choice of wedding favours. At Olivetta, we have always interpreted the wedding favour as a beautiful and useful object that can enter the daily life of those who receive it.

Our wedding favours are terracotta jars with extra virgin olive oil inside. They are called gastronomic or food wedding favours as they allow you to taste the content inside them, the oil. They are also useful because they can be reused at home, for example as oil cruet. Discover the 5 tips for reusing a gastronomic wedding favour.

A useful and gastronomic wedding favour, however, does not renounce the care and refinement of the design. Just to always meet the new trends in the wedding sector, every year at Olivetta we present to future married couples a new collection with always different colours and motifs.  

In Autumn 2022, for the 2023 weddings we presented the restyling of the Olivetta Elisir collection, the gastronomic wedding favours with flavoured extra virgin olive oil inside and seven new colours.

This collection is inspired by the scents and fragrances of Mediterranean cuisine and with its colours wants to pay homage to love free from any prejudice.  Discover the Mediterranean scents with the Olivetta Elisir wedding favour. The Elisir collection changes its look and tells of love with seven new colours.

With Olivetta Elisir the wedding favour becomes completely customizable, inside with the choice of four different flavoured oils and outside with the choice of the seven colours available.


2023 Wedding: in a word, experimentation

Everything we have said about wedding in 2023 shows us that next year will not be one style to impose itself on others, but a new and different way of organising the wedding. The spouses will be free to experiment and create something original for their wedding.

They will focus on every detail, devoting a lot of energy to the welcome and well-being of their guests. The tradition of the rite and the highlights of the wedding will always be respected without however binding the organization and style of the wedding.

We therefore advise spouses to think of their marriage as the highest expression of their life as a couple, of the love, passions, and dreams that they cultivate together.

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