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Dream wedding guide: how to organize your ‘YES’ day

Written by Olivetta

Organizing your own wedding is certainly a very important and exciting event, but for many, it can be challenging. Deciding in which order to organize the event, understanding which aspect to prioritize, and deciding on any detail can be very confusing


With this article, then, we want to answer the doubts of future couples of spouses and offer them a complete guide for organizing the wedding down to the smallest detail. With this step-by-step guide, you can plan your dream wedding much easier and with more fun.

The perfect wedding: the art of the organization of wedding planners

Written by Olivetta

Olivetta meets Aurora Petris, from, who will help you discover the role of wedding planners in organizing tailor-made weddings, turning the spouses’ dreams into reality.


We know that organizing your wedding day is one of the most emotional and exciting moments. Still, it can be equally stressful and chaotic having to manage many aspects well defined in the mind, but difficult to put into practice.

How to choose the location for the wedding: a guidebook for your wedding

Written by Olivetta

Olivetta meets Claudia from “La Porta dei Leoni” and Maria from “Villa La Siragusa”, who will give you precious advice for choosing the most suitable location for your wedding


The theme of weddings is continously enriched with new ideas and trends (read the article “2023 Wedding trends”). But it is essential to always remain faithful to your tastes and ensure that your wedding day best expresses your personality.

Olivetta wedding favours and Mucci Confetti together for your wedding

Written by Olivetta

To always offer the best of the excellence of our territory, with extra virgin olive oil and Apulian craftsmanship, and thus enrich our proposal for gastronomic wedding favour, we decided to combine Olivetta with an equally artisanal and historical product like the prestigious Mucci Confetti. Attachment to tradition is a fundamental component of our project. We also try to pursue it by networking with companies that have continued to produce excellent artisan products for generations.

Discover with us all the sweetness of the Mucci world and complete your Olivetta with the most suitable sugared almond for the style of your wedding.

Wedding dress and favours: trends and matches

Written by Olivetta

Olivetta meets Domenico Maria Carriero, Bridal Stylist of the Atelier Harem Sposa, that will guide you in choosing the dress of your dreams, and your Olivetta


Choosing the wedding dress is always a moment full of emotions, but it can often also be full of indecision. Which style to respect when choosing the dress, take into consideration the theme of the wedding, follow one’s tastes always looking for a wow effect, respect the traditional colour or enrich the gown with more eccentric tones… these are only some of the doubts that every bride has posed in the choice or search for a dress. If, however, for some brides the "love at first sight" can take place, for others the choice can be more difficult.

What is the symbology of wedding?

Written by Olivetta

Read the article and discover the story of wedding rings, sugar almonds and wedding favours. Indispensable elements in every wedding


If you are planning your wedding, it is important to take the time to choose the elements that best represent the couple. This way, you can create a truly meaningful and authentic ceremony that reflects your and your partner’s personality.

Wedding music: how to choose the perfect soundtrack

Written by Olivetta

Olivetta meets Valerio Di Zanni, known as Deeza – Co-Founder of the 50mila eventi agency- who will explain with certainty how to choose the most suitable music for your wedding.


Music has a significative role on a wedding day: it completes the magical and special atmosphere of that day and gives an identity to the event, which also reflects that of the spouses.

The choice of music, therefore, is important in organising the wedding.

So, how to manage to calibrate sounds with genres and moments? Keep reading…

Guide to choosing wedding invitations

Written by Olivetta

Read our interview with the Inviti Chic company

A wedding is not limited only to the organisation of the ceremony or party. All that goes on before the big day is just as important as organising and getting ready for the event.

Organising the set-up of the flowers, choosing the theme of the wedding, deciding who will be the protagonists, together with you, of the event, choosing and sending the invitations and announcements to your loved ones.

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